Fanatical Stand With Ukraine Bundle Launches With 58 Games

Published: March 24, 2022 12:00 PM /


The banner for the new Fanatical Stand With Ukraine bundle

Fanatical has teamed up with more than 50 developers and industry figures to launch a new bundle in support of Ukraine. The aptly-named Fanatical Stand With Ukraine bundle packs in 58 games with a starting price of just $15, but you can donate more if you wish.

What's in the Fanatical Stand With Ukraine bundle?

Hot on the heels of the Ukraine bundle and the Humble offering, another new gaming bundle to support Ukraine has arrived. The Fanatical Stand With Ukraine bundle contains almost 60 games, all of which can be redeemed on Steam. These games include multiplayer hilarity simulator Gang Beasts, friendship ruiner Among Us, and flight action game The Falconeer, among others. If you want to pick the bundle up, it's going to cost you $15, and you can donate more if you want to. Paying $15 will, however, net you all of the games in the bundle.


It doesn't just stop with the games outlined above, though. Other great games in the bundle include goofy battler Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, as well as Vlambeer's celebrated roguelike Nuclear Throne and the adorable co-op experience Ibb & Obb. If you like curious detective adventures, you'll want to give Aviary Attorney a try, but if you'd rather relax with a hidden object-style experience, then you can check out the beautifully-drawn Hidden Folks. With 58 games to choose from, it's impossible to include everything here, so just know that not only are you supporting a good cause with this bundle, but you're getting some quality games as well.

The Falconeer, one of the games in the Fanatical Stand With Ukraine bundle
Air combat game The Falconeer is just one of the 58 titles included in the Fanatical Stand With Ukraine bundle.

Fanatical managing director Craig Johnson says his organization reacted to the Russian invasion of Ukraine with "disbelief and frustration". He says putting the bundle together was the easiest decision the team has ever had to make. As you might expect, if you pick the bundle up, then 100% of your money will go towards the Red Cross and their humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine.

How else is the gaming industry helping Ukraine?

In addition to the aforementioned bundles, the gaming industry is coming together to support Ukraine in several other ways. Fortnite developer Epic is currently committing all of the game's proceeds to Ukrainian relief until April 3rd. The game had already raised a staggering $36 million in just a single day, which should tell you just how successful Fortnite really is; after two days, that amount had risen to $50 million, and it can only be even higher now. Other studios pledging their profits or other financial aid include Room 8 Group, as well as The Pokemon Company and This War of Mine developer 11 bit studios. As well as pledging profits and donations, studios and gaming companies are also turning their backs on Russia. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have all halted sales in Russia, as have GOG owner CD Projekt and Warhammer's very own Games Workshop


This War of Mine, developed by Polish studio 11 bit studios
Several studios, including developer 11 bit studios, have pledged some degree of their profits to support Ukraine.

Despite these studios' best intentions, it's not all sunshine and rainbows for them. Some developers taking pro-Ukrainian actions were subjected to review bombs on Steam; action RPG Book of Demons was hit by a review bomb after imposing a 1200% price increase on Russian users, and donating revenue to Ukraine. The aforementioned CD Projekt was also hit by a Steam review bomb, with The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 both getting slammed by negative reviews after CD Projekt's decision to support Ukraine. Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, a Witcher spinoff, is also currently sitting at a Mostly Negative rating, despite a Very Positive review aggregate across its entire time on release, as unlike others Valve's anti-review bomb tools haven't kicked in yet.

Of course, there's also the fact that many developers are Ukrainian, and that life has massively changed for them as a result of the Russian invasion. Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One developer Frogwares has been sharing its stories, and the company is still working despite the war as it released DLC today for its latest detective adventure with work done by those who are not in Ukraine due to being remote or having left the country. The Serpent Rogue developer Sengi Games says the upcoming release date for its game is unchanged despite the situation, too. Other developers are choosing to find ways to exit Ukraine where they can, such as Stalker 2 studio GSC Game World, which is reportedly leaving the country and moving to Czechia.

You can, and should, check out the Fanatical Stand With Ukraine bundle right here. For just $15, the bundle is an absolute steal, and you're supporting a good cause into the bargain. The Humble Stand With Ukraine Bundle is also still live for another day and contains excellent games like Max Payne 3Spyro Reignited Trilogy, and Back 4 Blood


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