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Published: March 29, 2022 1:41 PM /


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A fan-made Minecraft Wordle clone called Word Hunt has been revealed, melding together two high-popular games in a custom Minecraft map -- and it supports multiplayer, too!

As you probably know, Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world by a wide margin; it recently launched a new snapshot that adds frogs to the game proper. Fans of the word-guessing game Wordle have had a somewhat rougher time with some fan-made projects getting hit with a DMCA and others surviving unscathed (for now, at least). Now, these two popular games have been mashed up in a single Minecraft map.


How the Fan-Made Minecraft Wordle Clone Word Hunt Works

As highlighted on Reddit, /u/urgle_gurgle created a "fully functional [Wordle] in vanilla [Minecraft]." Arguably, it's more functional with the addition of multiplayer gameplay. Making this project a reality, however, was somewhat of a technical challenge.

"Due to how Minecraft works, [I] cannot store the word dictionary in a list using storages and check if the word matches any word in the list," /u/urgle_gurgle explained. "Instead, I'd need to hardcode the check for every word in separate commands, however reading data is very inefficient and because of the large number of commands that it would require (over 12k) it is completely out of the question."

"Therefore we need to use a less laggy alternative to data commands: scoreboards," /u/urgle_gurgle continued. "Here's the problem however: you can only store integers in scoreboards and not strings (words), therefore we need to convert every word into an integer. In order to do that we use a bunch of math to assign all words to [a] unique number (in base26), which will then be stored in an execute if score command using a python script. Done! Upon entering a word, it will be converted into base26 and then 12k commands will be ran in order to check if the word exists or not."


As for the daily word, that's delivered every time over the Internet. There's no offline mode here, but that also comes with the upside of multiplayer functionality.

"Yes that's right, competitive Wordle! You will win points if you're lucky enough to guess the word before everyone else," read the map's description. "Climb the leaderboard and become the most skilled player among all your friends!"

You can download the Minecraft Wordle clone Word Hunt for Java Edition on CurseForge; you can also join Urgle's Discord to interact with other people in that community. You will, of course, need Minecraft Java Edition to play this map -- you can buy it for PC at the price of $26.95 or your regional equivalent.


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