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Fan Creates Ape Escape Remake Fan Game

Published: October 21, 2021 10:06 AM



A PlayStation fan known as Yahya Danboos is reimagining classic PlayStation 1 games as they would appear on modern consoles. Their newest project is an Ape Escape remake that gives the first level of the 1999 PS1 game a PS5-esque coat of paint.

Created in Unreal Engine 4 for next-gen RTX, the Ape Escape remake is a modern recreation of the game's first level. For those who've never seen the game, Ape Escape is a 3D platformer that puts players in the role of Spike as he travels through time to capture escaped apes by using a variety of tools. In this proof of concept remake, players have access to Spike's basic ape collecting tools: a Stun Club for combat purposes and the Time Net for catching the apes and sending them back to the present. The remake is demo-length and only includes the first level, but it's still a neat fan project.


Remakes and demakes are popular projects for fans to create. We've previously seen projects such as a Castlevania-style reimagining of Castle Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village. As for the Ape Escape remake, it was developed with the help of several other artists and musicians who helped make the assets for the project on a volunteer basis. If you're interested in more PS1 to PS5 remakes, another one of Yahya's remake projects is a copyright-dodging version of the Japan-only game Pepsiman, featuring the Japanese Pepsi mascot and a very catchy theme song.

The Ape Escape remake is currently available for free on itch.io. The official and original game, along with its sequel, can be purchased on PlayStation 4.


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