Fallout New Vegas Cut Content Restored In New Mod

Published: September 6, 2022 11:04 AM /


Fallout: New Vegas cut content mod screenshot shows off Mojave Outpost

If you're in the mood to hop back into the Fallout universe, there's a new mod, LD's Improved New Vegas, that restores Fallout: New Vegas cut content. Players can expect to see re-enabled creatures and NPCs, improved NPC AI packages, and more. Apparently, many NPCs and creatures were disabled in the first patches of New Vegas because the consoles at the time (PS3 and Xbox 360) "couldn't handle it". Let's take a look at this mod, shall we?

What can I expect from this new Fallout: New Vegas mod?

This Fallout: New Vegas cut content mod will help bring life to the game by improving or overhauling the New Vegas world. Basically, it's an interesting glance at what could've been if PC players had received the full version of the game from the start, and hopefully something that we'll all receive in the Fallout: New Vegas sequel that might be coming

For towns and cities, as well as places like Primm, Boulder City, Mojave Outpost, and more, there are plenty of new additions that New Vegas fans should be interested in. Primm is restored, for instance, and now Primm residents will leave their homes, visit the casino, and wander around outside. Other new additions include reintroduced dialogue, re-enabled NPCs, and idle markers like characters leaning and smoking. Essentially, the mod should add a lot of life to a game set in a desert, which is definitely a good thing.

An example of re-introduced Fallout: New Vegas cut content in this Mojave 'after' screenshot.
Players should have a lot more to see and interact with in places like Mojave Outpost.

What do I need to play this Fallout: New Vegas mod?

In order to play LD's Improved New Vegas, players will need these DLC packs:

  • Old World Blues
  • Lonesome Road
  • Honest Hearts
  • Gun Runners' Arsenal
  • Dead Money
  • Courier's Stash

Yes, that's all the Fallout: New Vegas DLC available besides its soundtrack, but it makes sense. If players want access to the Fallout: New Vegas cut content, they must have all the available content to begin with. 

That means if you want the entire game, Fallout New Vegas Ultimate will run you $19.99 on Steam, so maybe wait for Steam's upcoming Autumn Sale if you don't have it yet.

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