Fallout-Inspired New Blood CRPG Will Have "More Engaging" Combat

Published: October 11, 2022 9:25 AM /


The main character standing on a street as a UFO flies past in the clearly Fallout-inspired New Blood CRPG

If you've been hankering for a slice of classic Fallout, you're in luck. There's a New Blood CRPG strongly inspired by old-school Fallout games in the works, and in a new teaser, company head Dave Oshry has shown off how combat will look and feel different from the game's "main inspiration".

Speaking via Twitter, Oshry marked the 25th anniversary of the Fallout franchise by showing off how his company's upcoming RPG will change up classic Fallout combat. The video posted alongside the tweet shows a scene heavily inspired by Fallout's conversation system, but instead of simply switching to a turn-based engagement, the perspective shifts to a first-person dungeon crawler-style view.

The player aiming a gun at several thugs in the Fallout-inspired New Blood CRPG
Do you feel lucky, punks?

According to Oshry, the biggest complaint leveled at classic Fallout is the "slow'n'clunky" nature of the combat. By bringing things down to a first-person perspective for this game's combat, Oshry hopes to create something "much more engaging" than the bird's-eye view offered by 90s Fallout RPGs.

Don't worry, though; although the perspective looks more dungeon crawler-esque, the combat in this game (which still doesn't have a name) will still be turn-based. Fleeing from encounters will be done in the same way as in JRPGs, according to Oshry, which presumably means you'll be given the chance to escape rather than simply walking briskly away from the encounter and holstering your weapon. Oshry also says the JRPG-style combat allows the team to "do cool JRPG screen transitions".

The New Blood CRPG still doesn't have a name or release date

We got our first look at this upcoming New Blood CRPG all the way back in June last year, when it was part of a sizzle reel of non-FPS games for the studio (since New Blood is best-known for old-school boomer shooters like Dusk and Ultrakill). We didn't know what the game was called or when it would release then, and, well, we still don't.

Here's what we do know. The game is in development at New Blood, and it has the involvement of several members of the classic Fallout community, including Project Van Buren developer Adam Lacko and Olympus 2207 artist Alexander Berezin. You might also recognize the music in New Blood's teaser trailers, and that's because the composer on the game is legendary Fallout and Wasteland maestro Mark Morgan.

An aerial view of Fort Abandon in the fan restoration Project Van Buren, a developer on which is also working on the New Blood CRPG
Developers from famous Fallout fan initiatives like Project Van Buren are involved with the New Blood CRPG.

Oshry says that it's going to be a "long time" until the New Blood CRPG is fully revealed or playable. Still, it looks like development is progressing nicely, so perhaps it won't be quite as long as you fear. We'll bring you more on the New Blood CRPG and all things New Blood as we get it.


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