Fallout 76 Patch 11 Launches Mid-July, Makes Things Easier On New Players

Published: July 7, 2019 11:24 AM /


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Fallout 76's next major content patch launches in mid-July. Patch 11 was originally supposed to hit the game early this month, but Bethesda says it needs "more time to brew". The update will make things a bit easier on new players as well as making some improvements across the board.

First up in Patch 11, Bethesda is making changes to new and low-level character mechanics. Characters under level 25 will pay fewer caps when they fast travel. If you're under level 15, you'll have higher disease resistance. Bethesda is also looking to replace a number of early Challenge rewards with items and supplies that will make it easier for low-level players to survive. There are also some changes coming to early-game monster difficulty. We'll know more when the full patch lands.


There are also changes coming to a number of other mechanics in Patch 11. Food and drink won't lose condition after you fast travel, and raw food items and fluxes will last 50% longer before they spoil. Legendary item descriptions will now show all current attributes. When viewing crafting recipes or mods in various menus, you'll see the description for the item they create. On the theme of inventory, bulk junk items will now be safe from the "Scrap All Junk" option, so you'll be able to keep bulk components. Stealth Boys can now be activated while wearing Power Armor, and there's a new toggle for the Power Armor HUD.

Two more things to round off Patch 11. Bethesda says it's planning to address "another large wave of bugs" in the forthcoming update. These include C.A.M.P. building errors, Pioneer Scout Challenge bugs, and looping gunshot sound effects. Patch 11 will also bring the ability to add your favorite alcohol to your Punch Bowl. Finally, Fallout 76 players can get blind drunk at parties with their friends in-game.

Patch 11 for Fallout 76 will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in mid-July. We'll have full patch notes for you then.

Are you still playing Fallout 76? Looking forward to this new patch? Let us know in the comments below!



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