Fallout 76 Patch 10.5 Levels Up Nuclear Winter, Brings Balance Fixes

Published: June 27, 2019 9:40 AM /


fallout 76 nuclear winter

Bethesda's valiant mission to rescue Fallout 76 continues. The latest patch for the game, Patch 10.5, brings with it a host of fixes and design adjustments.

Most notably, Nuclear Winter has, in Bethesda's words, "leveled up from Pre-Beta to Beta". Bethesda recently announced its intention to extend the Nuclear Winter battle royale mode's pre-beta period, so presumably, this also extends to its beta phase. There are a bunch of Nuclear Winter design fixes in Patch 10.5. You can now favorite an Underarmor item in the Atomic Shop for use in the mode. You'll now find Automatic Combat Rifles and Submachine Guns in different Supply Crates. The Dead Man Sprinting perk has been redesigned; it now causes Action Points to drain 25% slower if you're below 30% HP. There are new ZAX Terminal entries to discover, and you can now re-open the Perk Card tutorial if you missed it.

In addition to new design updates, Nuclear Winter's also had some bugs squashed. Vault 51's interior is now brighter, allowing you to see other players better. A few graphical glitches have been fixed, and some fairly significant item bugs have been eradicated. There are also a whole host of performance and stability fixes, perk updates, challenge adjustments, and plenty more. If you've been having a less-than-ideal experience with Fallout 76's Nuclear Winter mode, you should find it improved by this patch.

It's not just Nuclear Winter though. Bethesda is also paying attention to the main Fallout 76 experience. The studio has fixed some issues with Power Armor graphics, character shadows, and the First Responder's Pump-Action Shotgun model. There's now no way to duplicate Player Vending Machine items. V.A.T.S. won't automatically close when you kill an enemy with the Gun Fu perk equipped. It's all change for Fallout 76, so check out the full patch notes if you'd like to know more.

You can download Patch 10.5 for Fallout 76 right now. The patch weighs in at under 3GB for consoles and 1GB for PC.

Will you be heading back into Fallout 76 and Nuclear Winter for the new patch? Let us know in the comments below!

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