The Fallout 76 Fallout Worlds Update is Finally Here

The Fallout 76 Fallout Worlds Update has finally arrived, allowing Fallout 1st members to create their own Custom Worlds on PC and consoles.

Published: September 8, 2021 1:40 PM /


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New Daily Ops, public events, and more have arrived in the Fallout 76 Fallout Worlds Update - along with a ton of new ways to create a Custom World that perfectly suits your tastes.

Fallout 76 has been out for close to three years now. The game had a rather shaky launch (as did its first season of content, albeit for different reasons), but Bethesda Game Studios has continued to work behind the scenes to develop new content and new features. Now, a major part of the Fallout 76 2021 Roadmap has arrived — it's time to head into Fallout Worlds!

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What's New in the Fallout 76 Fallout Worlds Update?

As one might expect, the first major addition in the Fallout 76 Fallout Worlds Update is some major improvements to the game's worlds. Players can now opt to play in a Public World or Custom World.

Public Worlds and Custom Worlds can each have several different gameplay customizations such as building restrictions, map location visibility, item availability, and more. Bethesda will be rotating out a series of Public Worlds that anyone can jump into, each of which is suited to a theme - here are the first five Fallout 76 Public Worlds:

  • Happy Builder: Reduced C.A.M.P. placement restrictions, relaxed building restrictions, all Map locations discovered, and PvP has been disabled.
  • High Risk: No Fast Travel, always-on PVP, players drop additional loot on death, free workbench crafting, and legendary item attributes have been disabled.
  • Dweller Must Die: Greatly increased enemy difficulty, increased damage, increased equipment durability, and “Dark Bog” weather effects.
  • Quantum World: Max jump height, no fall damage, nuked creatures and flora, and “Quantum Storm” weather.
  • Butcher’s Delight: Infinite ammo, no VATS or melee attack AP costs, and enhanced dismemberment.

"Happy Builder" will be the first of these worlds available to play. Bethesda will rotate through each of the following worlds in the future roughly once per month, although this schedule is not yet in stone.

As for Custom Worlds, these will allow players to customize the game world to their taste with the ability to change up all kinds of variables. Unfortunately, these Custom Worlds can only be created by players with an active Fallout 1st membership. Regardless of which type of world you play, it should be noted that your character progression is tied to that specific world.

Also arriving in the Fallout 76 Fallout Worlds Update is an expansion to Daily Ops. One of the major additions is Double Mutation Weekend Events which will feature enemies with one of eight unique combinations of two different Mutations. Players who are courageous enough to tackle these events can score some serious rewards including double XP, double in-game currency rewards, and 2–6 Legendary Cores for each Elder Tier completions. This update is also seeing the removal of the Nuclear Winter game mode; much of this mode's progression rewards will instead be made available in Adventure Mode.

Naturally, a number of other new features and changes have arrived in this update; you can read the full Fallout 76 Fallout Worlds Update patch notes for all of the details. You can experience the fun yourself by buying Fallout 76 for PC and consoles via its official website starting at $39.99 or your regional equivalent. All that's left to do is to wait for that likely in-game expedition to Washington D.C. someday.

What do you think of the changes introduced in the Fallout 76 Fallout Worlds Update? Are you going to set up a Custom World or do you prefer to play the vanilla game? Let us know in the comments below!

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