Fallout 4’s EULA says Mods must remain free

Published: November 2, 2015 5:00 PM /



A post on NeoGaf containing a part of Fallout 4's EULA has shown that Mods for the game will be required to remain free. In light of the recent Skyrim Paid Workshop debacle, it was worthy of note to see this part show up. Especially with the uncertainty earlier about Fallout 4's modding as a whole.

Fallout 4’s EULA says Mods must remain free EULA

Worthy of note is that Fallout 4 is the first in a series of other games by Bethesda Game Studios that happens to have an EULA. Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Skyrim all have none when you install them in Steam. However, this is a different story with Bethesda's publishing side, Bethesda Softworks. Games such as Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Old Blood do, while Evil Within (which came after The New Order) does not. This does give away that EULA's get applied for specific reasons and aren't forced on by Bethesda Softworks all the time.

What's also interesting is that both Wolfenstein games have the same aforementioned clauses in them. In fact, the portions are identical and the clause does not limit itself to the US, as the EU and AUS portion also include it, in a long paragraph on restrictions. With Wolfenstein having an SDK for modding, it does explain it's presence. Perhaps explaining the difference The Evil Within didn't support mods and thus had no need for such a segment, which appears to be the only differentiating bit from something standard. Additionally, the clause doesn't seem to stop anyone from having a Patreon (or similar service) to support their modding as long as there is no paywall.

Quick Take

It's interesting to see this get spotted in Fallout 4's EULA, not to mention the surprise of having an EULA for the game to begin with, seeing the precedent with Bethesda Game Studios. What this however may incorrectly imply is that Bethesda themselves are not allowed to charge for Mods. Fact is, however, that the EULA wouldn't stop them as they are the licensor and own it under the agreement - Section A under mods. Section G basically is a disclaimer of responsibility of mods working as well as protecting themselves from legal action on things like plagiarism.

This appears to be continuing confirmation of one of the few things about the Fallout 4 mod situation - that there will not be paid mods. While in theory they could add it, it appears unlikely for Fallout 4 given the inclusion of these EULA terms, as well as what they have stated previously. How the editor for Fallout 4 will work, console modding in general will work, and how Bethesda.net will figure into this are still all up in the air and we won't know probably until closer to the mod kit release in 2016.


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