Fallout 4 Point Lookout Mod Modernizes Classic DLC

Published: May 12, 2022 2:18 PM /


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The Capital Wasteland Project has released the Fallout 4 Point Lookout mod, bringing a major Fallout 3 DLC to the newer game -- and with some new features, too.

Bethesda's games get tons of mods over the years and Fallout 4 is no exception; we've seen mods that add new features or new regions to the game, and sometimes a modder even gets hired by Bethesda Softworks. Now, The Capital Wasteland Project has converted Fallout 3's iconic Point Lookout DLC to work in Fallout 4 -- and there are some nice additions for the newer game, too.

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Fallout 4 Point Lookout Mod Sets Up a New Settlement

The Fallout 4 Point Lookout mod has "faithfully recreated" the entire isolated island from the Fallout 3 DLC. Here's what you can expect to see in this mod:


  • Faithfully recreated the entire Point Lookout worldspace
  • Entire main quest, and all side-quests
  • All original map locations (and one [brand-new] location with a workshop!)
  • All Point Lookout NPCs
  • 6+ recreated creatures and 3 new critters
  • 25+ weapons, many returning from Fallout 3
  • 50+ clothing items, many returning from Fallout 3
  • 15+ consumables, many returning from Fallout 3
  • Various Point Lookout themed workshop items
  • A whole lot of Punga!

Mind, this isn't a 1:1 conversion of the mod; slight changes have been made to make the mod work well with Fallout 4's protagonist the Sole Survivor. One of these changes is a from a lore perspective: Fallout 3's Lone Wanderer never visited the island in this mod.

That aside, this mod also makes some additions to the original DLC. A "[brand-new] location" has been added with a Workshop that will allow you to set up a Settlement on the island. Installing this mod will also give you access to some new Settlement building pieces.

Although this mod has been released, it's far from finished; some missing voicelines will need to be added to the mod in an update at a later date. You can download the Fallout 4 Point Lookout mod on Nexus Mods right now. Of course, you'll need the base game and all of its DLC to play it -- you can get all of the needed game files by buying Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition for PC via Steam at the price of $39.99 or your regional equivalent.

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