Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC Coming May 19th

Published: May 4, 2016 11:44 AM /


Fallout 4 Far Harbor

The third DLC for Fallout 4, titled Far Harbor has been given a release date and a trailer. 

Far Harbor will be a more traditional expansion from Bethesda, allowing players to check out a new, explorable area called Far Harbor, a mysterious island off the coast of Maine. The player is tasked to find a missing woman, while encountering new, aquatic wildlife, the Children of the Atom, and a colony of synths. The DLC will be released later this month on Thursday, May 19th. 


The trailer shows off some new weapons and enemies, including a melee harpoon and a strange, angler-fish creature that hides in the muck of the swamps. We also may be getting a new companion, a grizzled veteran character that is reminiscent of Quint from Jaws. The atmosphere is cold, wet, foggy and unforgiving, which is perfect for the mysterious, thriller-esque feel that Far Harbor is trying to portray. 

Bethesda promised that Far Harbor will be in the same vein as the main storyline; where the player will have to deal with the local townspeople, the Children of the Atom, and the synths. New faction quests, settlements, and high-level weapons and armor will also be available to the player. 

Far Harbor is the third DLC to be included in the season pass of Fallout 4, following Automatron and Wasteland Workshop. Bethesda stated that there may be DLC after Far Harbor, but nothing has been announced at this time, meaning Far Harbor is currently the last announced piece of content for Fallout 4. For those who did not buy the season pass, you can pick up Far Harbor for $24.99.

Quick Take

Who knows what Far Harbor has in store for Fallout fans. Based on the description,the world sounds a bit reminiscent of the Point Lookout DLC from Fallout 3 in terms of atmosphere, but Bethesda is trying to bring the factional branching into play as well, which is a good move if you ask me. Come May 19th though we will find out for ourselves how hospitable Far Harbor will be.

What do you think though, looking forward to this DLC? Leave your comments below. 

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