Fall Of Porcupine Is A Cozy Adventure Honoring Healthcare Workers

Published: August 24, 2022 9:00 AM /


Bird protagonist Finley and his goat friend walking through an autumnal forest in Fall of Porcupine

Buntspecht Games and publisher Assemble Entertainment have unveiled Fall of Porcupine, a cozy platformer intended to pay tribute to overworked healthcare professionals. The game will debut next year for PC and consoles, and a free prologue is available right now (August 30th, on Switch).

What do we know about Fall of Porcupine?

Fall of Porcupine was originally unveiled during a brief sizzle reel at this year's Wholesome Direct, but it's now getting a full reveal. It tells the story of Finley, a young bird doctor (as in a doctor who is a bird, not a doctor who tends to birds) who moves to the town of Porcupine. He must solve residents' problems, manage the increasingly difficult problem of his work-life balance, and uncover the secrets of the town. Fall of Porcupine should appeal if you like Night in the Woods, although this game isn't likely to see its characters bizarrely end up in a Taylor Swift ad.

Finley and two doctors waiting around in the doctor's waiting area in Fall of Porcupine
Fall of Porcupine gives pretty big Night in the Woods meets Odd Taxi vibes.

Assemble and Buntspecht are promising "fun mini-games, sleek platforming, and branching dialog choices" in Fall of Porcupine, so it won't just be a walking sim. Although Fall of Porcupine looks cute with its big-eyed animal aesthetic and broad pastel shades, it's "not afraid to tackle serious topics", according to the devs; you'll be delving into Porcupine's secrets, after all, and towns don't keep secrets unless they're worth keeping, right?

When is the Fall of Porcupine release date?

We don't have a concrete Fall of Porcupine release date just yet. Buntspecht and Assemble have merely announced that the game is heading to PC and consoles sometime next year, so it might be a while before you can get your hands on this one. Maybe revisit Night in the Woods while you wait; it's well worth your time.

A group of townsfolk picketing a building while Finley looks on in Fall of Porcupine
Fall of Porcupine won't all be sunshine and adorable animals.

If you really can't wait, though, then the devs have also released a free prologue for Fall of Porcupine, so you can get a feel for the game's world and its characters ahead of its full launch. The prologue will be coming to Switch on August 30th, so make sure to note that date down in your calendar if you're looking forward to getting your hands on this one. In the meantime, be sure to wishlist it on Steam as well.


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