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Fall Guys Lego Set Is Seeking Your Approval

August 28, 2020 6:24 PM

By: Robert Grosso


Does Fall Guys have what it takes to become the next big LEGO set?

That is what some ambitious players are looking to find out, as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is now nominated as a brand new idea for a brand new LEGO set. 




The mock up for the set was created by the massive LEGO fan known as Ashnflash on Twitter. His request, first announced on August 21st, when he pitched the set officially to LEGO. 

LEGO has a whole process they follow when receiving fan design requests, in an ironic way mimicking the frantic pace of a Fall Guys race. Those designs have a finite amount of time to be accepted as a possible candidate by LEGO, and are given extra time (in the case of months or even a year) if they meet certain thresholds of likes that approve of the design. Though not as fast-paced as Fall Guys race, the chances of survival are sometimes pretty low. 



It is also a matter of legal hoops to get through too, especially when dealing with someone else's intellectual property, and of course, passing LEGO's own review for production. 

Thankfully for Ashnflash, that may not be a major issue, as the Fall Guys official Twitter account has fully endorsed the idea of a Fall Guys Lego set. 



That Twitter support has also seen a massive increase in endorsements for the project, which has already hit close to 8,000 supporters at this time. This has allowed the proposal to be open for the next 781 days, giving it ample time to hit the 10,000 supporters needed to receive an expert review from LEGO itself.

LEGO has worked on video game sets in the past, most recently the 2500-piece NES Console set, so a Fall Guys set is not out of the realm of possibility. The question now is will it actually be developed? I guess time will tell.

 For now though, those interested in supporting the Fall Guys LEGO set can show their support on the official LEGO website. 

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