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Fall Guys Season 4.5 Update Adds Two New Rounds

May 12, 2021 1:29 PM

By: Robert N. Adams


The Fall Guys Season 4.5 Update has been announced, promising players two new Rounds, custom lobbies, cross-platform matchmaking for PC and PS4, and more!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been out for a little while now. While it doesn't quite have the same explosive popularity it did at launch, it's still doing quite well as a game and Mediatonic has continued to develop new content for its fans to enjoy. Now, a new batch of stuff will be arriving in the game soon!




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What's New in the Fall Guys Season 4.5 Update?

The first major addition in the Fall Guys Season 4.5 Update is two new Rounds: The Slimescraper (a sequel to Slimb Climb) and Button Bashers, a game that splits players into dueling pairs.



It will soon be easier than ever to fill up your games, too — PC and PS4 cross-platform matchmaking will launch with the Season 4.5 patch. Unfortunately, cross-platform parties are still not yet possible. That said, custom lobbies are now open to everyone on PC and PS4 and you can now play a game with as few as four players total — and yes, PC and PS4 players can intermix in the same custom lobby.

There are some networking improvements coming, too. Latency has been improved for grabbing objects and mantling and there is now a new visual indicator for your connection in-game. Mediatonic has also made several improvements that should help reduce desync and other physics-related issues.



The final big addition is a new player reporting feature that should help reduce the population of cheaters in the game. These are just some of the highlights of what's on the way; you can read the full Fall Guys Season 4.5 Update patch notes for the full details.

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When is the Fall Guys Season 4.5 Update Release Date?

The Fall Guys Season 4.5 Update release date is May 13, 2021 — that means that you'll be able to play two new rounds and enjoy all of these cool new features with your friends tomorrow!

Haven't yet jumped into this colorful, bean-filled world? You can buy Fall Guys for PC and consoles via its official website for $19.99 or your regional equivalent.



What do you think of the new content coming in the Fall Guys Season 4.5 Update? What other changes do you think the game needs to make? Let us know in the comments below!

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