Fall Guys Season 2 Gets Medieval on Your Jumping Beans

Published: August 27, 2020 3:31 PM /


Fall Guys Season 2 Sneak Peak

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 2 was finally revealed at Gamescom, with Mediatonic giving a sneak peak at what's next for everyone's favorite battle royale.

Season 2 will introduce new rounds and costumes to the games already insane options, each of them having a nice medieval theme to them. New rounds added to season 2 will include levels where players will jump and move boxed to storm castle walls. These levels, curiously, are not team-based, but instead a massive free-for-all where players need to work together (or more likely just flail around madly) to get to the finish line.

Another game mode showcased included a team-based map where players go through hoops to complete the level. Finally, we see some plans for brand new races, rife with swinging axes and spike traps that players will no doubt fall prey to as they race through the rounds. 

 A lot of the costumes also take on medieval theme to them, with new knights, vikings, and a dragon costumes ready to be adorned by your favorite jumping beans, adding to the medieval flair.

Fall Guys has taken the gaming world by storm, despite being released only three weeks ago. The game sold over 2 million copies in its first week, over 7m in the first copies, as well as the most downloaded game in PlayStation Plus, and has become one of the biggest games on social media in the past few weeks. This includes the announcement of competitive Fall Guys streams, and the single day search for #TheFallenOne, one of the best Fall Guys players in the world. 

Fall Guys Season 2 is gearing up to be a massive addition to the Fall Guys lineup. Season 2 will officially be released later this October.  

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