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Fable Legends is coming to PC

January 21, 2015

By: Rutledge Daugette


Fable Legends, the upcoming cooperative role-playing game that is being developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox One is now also coming to PC! At today's Windows 10 Event, Microsoft announced that the game will be coming to PC as well as Xbox One, featuring cross-play between the two systems.

At the event, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer stated, "We think enabling people to play multiplayer games on Windows 10, across Xbox One and Windows 10, will unlock the potential of Xbox Live and grow [the] social network that's there today".

It would seem that this is the next logical step in Microsoft's plan to develop "One" network of devices, between the Xbox One, OneDrive, Windows 10, and more. Allowing players to play cross-platform, if it all comes to fruition and works as intended, could very easily have a huge impact on the PC gaming world.

It's worth noting, however, that only Windows 10 PCs will be capable of playing Fable Legends, older systems such as Windows 7 and 8 will be unable to play the title. The game will also run on DirectX 12, which is free to Windows 10 users, but using DirectX 12 does require a graphics card with DirectX 12 capabilities in order to install the framework.



The PC Beta is starting soon, and because of the requirement for Windows 10, players will need to be a part of the Windows 10 Beta to participate in the Fable Legends Beta. If you have questions, or want to sign up for the beta - check out the Fable Legends FAQ page!

Fable Legends, which is intended to have a 5-10 year life cycle, is based several hundred years before the events of the original Fable trilogy - a time of magic, folklore, and technology. The game is currently set to release sometime later this year for both the Xbox One and PC.

Source: Windows 10 Live Event (announcement is found around the 1:19 mark)

What do you think of this new development in cross-play? Will you be playing Fable Legends on PC or Xbox One? Tell us in the comments below!

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