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The latest PTR for Overwatch recently went live. In it, players are not only testing the newest hero Ana, but also some of the other changes coming in the game's upcoming patch. However, redditor TheFunyunKnight was able to uncover a bit more from the PTR. This redditor was able to extract audio files from the PTR update, and some of the preciously unheard voice lines give us a pretty good indication as to what is planned for Overwatch's future. 

While many of the voice lines outlined in the Reddit post relate to the new hero Ana Amari, Pharah's mother, many others seem to indicate that Blizzard has plans for future holiday events. On top of all this, other voice lines suggest that heroes may be getting some more communication options, however we still don't know this for sure. TheFunyunKnight took the liberty to highlight some of the more revealing Overwatch voice lines that he/she found, so lets go over some of them. 

Ana Amari's Ultimate Response:

Hero Voice Line (click for audio)
Genji Strength flows through me!
McCree I'm unstoppable!
Pharah Systems at max!
Reinhardt I feel powerful!

Ana Amari's Debuff Response:

Hero Voice Line (click for audio)
Lucio Not feelin' so hot.
Mercy I'm not feeling my best.
Widowmaker I don't feel so good.
Zarya I feel... weak.

Enemy is Hiding:

It's important to note that on the Reddit post, TheFunyunKnight included these voice lines might be related to the rumored hero Sombra. Sombra is supposedly a hero that relies mostly on stealth, so it would make sense for heroes to call out her presence to the rest of the team if this was true. However, this could just refer to something else entirely. 

Hero Voice Line (click for audio)
Genji I sense the presence of the enemy.
McCree Now I can't see you, but I know you're there.
Torbjorn Ehh, someone's lurking over here.

"Sorry" Voice Line:

Hero Voice Line (click for audio)
McCree Sorry 'bout that.
Pharah My mistake.
Mercy Das tut mir leid. I am sorry.
Widowmaker Désolée. Sorry


Hero Voice Line (click for audio)
Genji My Halloween costume? Cyborg ninja.
Soldier: 76 Trick or treat.
Tracer Ooh, scary!


Hero Voice Line (click for audio)
Genji Merry Christmas!
Lucio Happy holidays!
Reinhardt Who's feeling the holiday spirit?

New Year's:

Hero Voice Line (click for audio)
Zarya S novym godom! Happy New Year
Tracer Who's ready for some fireworks?


Apparently these voice lines will play whenever you drain a shot while waiting for a King of the Hill round to start.

Hero Voice Line (click for audio)
Lucio Oh, from downtown!
Reaper Kobe, eat your heart out.
Reinhardt Just like Dirk Nowitzki! Huehahahahaa!

New Humor Voice Lines:

Hero Voice Line (click for audio)
Lucio It's-a-me, a-Lucio!
Torbjorn Ehh... have you seen my aardvark?
Zarya I give it a... 6.5

These may have been just some of the Overwatch voice lines brought up in the Reddit post, but they weren't all the ones that TheFunyunKnight found through extraction audio files from the PTR. You can check out the download link on the original Reddit post that includes the full list of voice lines found as well as the audio files themselves. 

Quick Take

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Redditor TheFunyunKnight for providing all this. Nobody made him/her do it, but thanks to them, we now have a small window into what the future may hold for Overwatch. And on top of all this, they even took the liberty to link in the sound bite for each of the voice lines he included in his post. TheFunyunKnight, you rock. 

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