Explore A Legendary Lost City in Titan Quest: Atlantis Expansion Pack

Titan Quest Atlantis Expansion Pack Released

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Explore A Legendary Lost City in Titan Quest: Atlantis Expansion Pack

May 10, 2019

By: Richard Costa


Titan Quest Anniversary Edition remaster released in August 2016, and now there is a new expansion for the base game, Titan Quest: Atlantis, the third expansion so far. The original 2006 version of Titan Quest received the Titan Quest: Immortal Throne expansion, also in 2006. This expansion was included in the base version of the remastered version. Then there was Titan Quest: Ragnarök in 2017, after an eleven-year gap. And now, a mere two years later, Atlantis adds more content to the remaster.

Atlantis adds a brand new epic storyline to the base game, leading players through a mysterious and legendary city. You'll explore new environments and dive into a vast amount of added quests in well-known areas of the base game. Heroes will be able to master new skills and fight with new weapons. The expansion also adds some quality-of-life and general improvements. You can also hunt the mystical hordes of Atlantis with up to six players in a co-op multiplayer mode called Tartatus Endless Mode, a wave-base challenge mode that's also available in single-player. Random elements will change the gameplay and make sure that every challenge is different. You'll also get a new tier of skills for each mastery that you can unlock.

Visual upgrades in the expansion include the addition of SSAO and color grading, and quality-of-life improvements include quick cast, easier storage, and other perks that players have been requesting for the past few years. You'll also get a money sink option with a Casino Merchant to spend your excess coin on randomly generated loot.

You can see the release trailer for Titan Quest: Atlantis below. It is now available to purchase on Steam.



What do you think of Titan Quest: Atlantis? Are you looking forward to other expansions for Titan Quest Anniversary Edition? Let us know in the comments below!

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