Explore the Halo universe using Starscope on your mobile phone

Published: November 9, 2014 4:50 PM /


Halo Starscope

Fans of the Halo franchise eagerly awaiting the release of Halo The Master Chief Collection can explore the Halo Universe in an entirely different way with Halo Starscope. Halo Starscope is a website that can be accessed on your mobile phone or computer browser, it is recommended to use your phone for the full experience, and it allows you to look around and view environments from the Halo Universe.

When you launch the Starscope website you'll be asked to look up and stars and icons will appear before you, you are then able to turn in place and use your phone as a view finder to look around at the world and see locations from the four main series of Halo games from The Pillar of Autumn to The Ark. Each location you look at and select you're able to see its history in the series, such as High Charity being present in Halo 3 and Halo 4, and from there you can go to that location and look around. Some places even give you the ability to learn more about items, the history of the area or even show you comparison screenshots of the old version against the remastered version.

See what you can look forward to with the Halo 2 Anniversary upgrade
See what you can look forward to with the Halo 2 Anniversary upgrade

If you haven't already gotten around to pre-ordering Halo The Master Chief Collection for Xbox One you are also able to follow the links to pre-order it through Halo Starscope.

What do you think of an experience like Halo Starscope? would you like to see more games releasing these kinds of informative websites?


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