Expedition Agartha is a Medieval 'Escape from Tarkov,' Coming 2022

Published: September 3, 2021 3:10 PM /


Expedition Agartha announced cover

Matrioshka Games and Wandering Wizard have announced Expedition Agartha, an upcoming medieval looter game coming to PC that sounds an awful lot like a medieval Escape from Tarkov.

Expedition Agartha will take players to the mystical Kingdom of Agartha, a realm in the Lost Continent of Mu that's filled with riches and danger. The bravest warriors can secure unimaginable wealth - but only if they survive. Get hyped for this upcoming game with the  Expedition Agartha Teaser Trailer!


How Expedition Agartha is Like Escape from Tarkov

Expedition Agartha is a "looter survival" game that sounds awfully familiar to the kind of gameplay in Escape from Tarkov. Check out this short excerpt from the game's Steam Store page to see what I mean:

Players will launch expeditions solo or with up to two other friends, and fight their way across the island. The game features a hardcore full loot PvP experience. Dangerous NPCs roam the regions, but even more lethal players stalk the land in search of treasure and blood… Enter raids, loot for resources, defeat enemies, complete quests, and extract to safety. Expedition Agartha will be Early Access at launch.

That's pretty much the description of Escape from Tarkov to a T. There's another point of interest on the Steam Store page, too:

  • Play as a Freebooter(low-risk, low-rewards) and enter the expedition with free low tier equipment without any character progression, or play as a Mercenary(high-risk, high-reward) and bring your own hard-earned gear with quest and skill progression.

Based on that, it looks like "Freebooter" is the Expedition Agartha equivalent of the "Scav" gameplay mechanic from Tarkov. The difference, however, is that Escape from Tarkov takes place in modern times and this game will be in a medieval fantasy setting. That game has shown that the looter survival formula works amazingly well, so perhaps Matrioshka Games can successfully adapt it to a different theme.

Expedition Agartha announced slice

When is the Expedition Agartha Release Date?

The Expedition Agartha release date will be sometime in 2022 according to a press release from the publisher. No price has been announced.

Looter survival gameplay in a medieval setting sounds like it can be pretty cool. Sadly, we'll have to wait until next year to play it; for now, you can add Expedition Agartha to your wishlist on Steam.


What do you think of Expedition Agartha? What other genres and settings would work with looter survival gameplay? Let us know in the comments below!



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