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Published: March 25, 2015 12:29 PM /


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The Talos Principle, the award-winning first person puzzle game made by Croteam and Devolver Digital, will have its first expansion pack. Named Road to Gehenna, the expansion promises to show the player a new side of Elohim's world, through Uriel's eyes, "... as he explores a strange, hidden part of the simulation on a mission of mercy and redemption in an attempt to free the souls of the damned at all costs," according to Devolver Digital.

The Talos Principle is a mind-challenging puzzle game, but it's not the only reason it stands out. It touches many themes, some rarely addressed, in a way that would leave an accomplished philosophy major wondering for days. It is mesmerizing in both the aestethics and the narration and it's a joy to play. Road to Gehenna promises to add more of that to the game, while at the same time expanding the horizon of what the player knew of the world of The Talos Principle through the four episodes of the expansion.

In Tom Jubert's -co-writer of The Talos Principle-  words:

We wanted to revisit the world of The Talos Principle and deliver new characters and a new world with its own history and culture. With Road to Gehenna we have created an all-new narrative which both branches off from and expands the original character’s journey
We can expect a lot more of background story and new characters while exploring a new society with its own history and culture. And of course more first-person puzzle action. The developers promise that Road to Gehenna will have "some of the most advanced and challenging puzzles yet." That's a bold statement, of course, but Croteam showed with The Talos Principle that they are fully capable to keep their word on that.

Road to Gehenna will see the light on PC this spring, while both the base game and the expansion will come out for PS4 and Nvidia Shield platforms later this year.

Did you play The Talos Principle? Are you excited for Road to Gehenna? Let us know in the comments.

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