Exoskeleton Buster Sword Strategy Action Awaits in Star Renegades

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Exoskeleton Buster Sword Strategy Action Awaits in Star Renegades

June 14, 2020

By: Andrew Otton


During day 2 of the Guerrilla Collective, a new trailer for Star Renegades was shown off. Star Renegades is a strategy RPG featuring a main character sporting a cyberpunk looking Buster Sword slashing her way through various robots.

In Star Renegades, you join the fight against in a neverending rebellion against The Rebellion. You'll be leading a group of rebels that you'll meet along the way to fight your way to success. 

A strategy RPG with roguelite elements, Star Renegades is aiming to create a fast and reactive experience in its turn-based battle system. It won't be just s simple back and forth exchange of blows, as using abilities that can interrupt or counter an enemy's attack will be key to victory.

Entitled the Reactive Time Battle System, it's not your standard turn-based system. Beyond just learning what abilities your enemies have, you'll have to learn how and when to counter what they will throw out you. So, no spamming that one powerful move over and over again.


The campaign is procedurally generated, using a mission-based system that will evolve as you progress. More than that, Star Renegades will feature what they are calling the Adversary system, which appears to work like Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis system. Amazingly, few games have given it a shot.

The Adversary system will feature enemy officers that you'll run across multiple times throughout your campaign, as you see them grow and move up the ranks. They'll change and evolve along with you on the run, ensuring that any future playthroughs won't be the same.

Star Renegades plans on releasing this year and is being developed by Massive Damage, Inc., the team behind Halcyon 6.

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