Exorcise The Demons Is A Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes-Like Coming In September

Published: August 23, 2019 11:20 AM /


exorcise the demons

Did you love Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes? Did you think it could use a few more evil spirits? If so, you'll be overjoyed to hear Midnight Games agrees with you. Exorcise The Demons is a Keep Talking-style co-operative "spirit defusal" game coming to PC via Steam in September.

Midnight Games describes the core gameplay concept of Exorcise The Demons as "one player knows while the other performs". You'll have to co-operate with your partner in order to perform the correct rituals and exorcise a series of demons and spirits. It's all wrapped up in a lovely little narrative framework which sees you trapped in a void and possessed by a mysterious woman's spirit. You can check out the trailer for Exorcise The Demons below:


The trailer for Exorcise the Demons will look familiar to anyone who has played Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes. The gist is thus: one player can see the screen and they're the one carrying out the exorcism. The other player is the only one with access to the "Book of Rituals", a digital document included with the game. If you prefer a physical copy, don't worry - the Book of Rituals will be fully printable. There are 7 different rituals, each generated randomly every time you play. The main meat of the game looks to be its 25-mission story mode, but Midnight Games is promising "free DLC". What form that will take is unknown. We'll have to wait and see.

One copy of the game goes between two players, so you'll only need to buy it once to enjoy it with your friends. We reckon this is going to be one to watch. You'll be able to pick up Exorcise The Demons via Steam on September 18th. It'll set you back $19.99. For the full co-operative experience, why not go halves on the game with a buddy?

Does Exorcise The Demons look like your cup of ghostly tea? Let us know in the comments below!

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