Ex-Darksiders Team Brings Battle Chasers To Kickstarter

Published: September 8, 2015 4:14 PM /


battle chasers

It's been well over two years since THQ's untimely demise brought an end to the hopes that we would see a timely conclusion to the epic cliffhanger at the end of the original Darksiders. Vigil Games have scattered to the winds and Nordic Games now owns the franchise, vowing to continue the saga after the second game's prequel story. Several founders of Vigil Games, including artist Joe Madureira, have come together as Airship Syndicate, and their first project is a video game and comic book revival of the 90s hit Battle Chasers.


Battle Chasers: Nightwar is aiming to be a turn based RPG inspired by classic JRPGs and featuring randomized dungeons and the same distinctive style that Joe Mad brought to Darksiders. The combat and dungeon areas are all rendered with great looking 3D models, while key scenes are promised to be brought to life in fully realized cartoon scenes like the one pictured below. The Kickstarter project is almost halfway to its initial goal despite launching just this morning, and estimates that the game will fully launch on PC at the end of 2016. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game will enter the equation in an upcoming stretch goal.

battle chasers

Quick Take

It seems like a very ambitious project for a new studio to take on, but I can't help but be excited by the visuals that are already being presented. I was a big fan of the world that Vigil created with Darksiders, and I have confidence in the ability of their founders to match that scope with Battle Chasers here. Considering how much money they've received in just a few hours, I don't think funding will be a problem.

Are you excited to see Battle Chasers return from comic book purgatory? Will Joe Mad keep to his schedule with the game version of his universe? Are you sad that Kickstarter-exclusive crossover DLC is now a thing that games have? Answer these questions and more in the comments below!


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