Everything Revealed During May's Monster Hunter Digital Event

New monsters, a new story ending, and more have been revealed for Monster Hunter Rise, and there's new Stories 2 info as well

Published: May 26, 2021 10:48 AM /


The new Crimson Glow Valstrax monster in Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom just dropped a new Monster Hunter digital event during which it revealed lots of new details about both Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. Here's everything we learned during that presentation.

What did we learn about Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise is getting its next major title update tomorrow. Version 3.0 will add two new monsters and a brand new ending for the main storyline. First up is Crimson Glow Valstrax, a new variant of the classic Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate flagship monster. It's got a new form and lots of new attacks, so you'll be getting an entirely new battle against it. There's also an Apex variant of Zinogre, and this one's covered in golden lightning, making it significantly tougher to take down. Capcom is also teasing a new story conclusion in which the thunder serpent Narwa and the wind serpent Ibuchi come together to wreak havoc.

The new Apex Zinogre monster variant in Monster Hunter Rise
The new Apex variant of Zinogre will have new lightning-based attacks.

In addition to these new monsters, Capcom also revealed a bunch of other new features on their way to Rise in the Version 3.0 update. New monsters will appear in Hub and Rampage quests, and you'll be able to access new quests and a new boss arena. Naturally, there will be plenty of new equipment to collect, as well as new Skills and Rampage Skills to check out. You'll also be able to use materials to switch up the appearance of your Rampage weapons. Capcom is also releasing a new DLC pack tomorrow with plenty of aesthetic items to collect, so be sure to take a look at that, especially if you're a FashionHunter.

The upcoming roadmap for Monster Hunter Rise

We also got a look at what's coming to Monster Hunter Rise in the future. In mid-June, Capcom is introducing the first of its "Capcom Collab" series, in which you'll be able to get layered armor for your Palico to make it look like Tsukino from Monster Hunter Stories 2. There will be more Capcom Collabs coming at the end of July and at the end of August, so stay tuned to find out which Capcom characters will be making their debuts in Monster Hunter Rise soon.

What did we learn about Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin?

Capcom also revealed some new Monster Hunter Stories 2 info during its presentation. The narrative of the game will revolve around "rage-rays", which emerge from pits around the world and drive surrounding monsters crazy. Monster rider Avinia and her Frostfang Monstie will also make a return from Monster Hunter Stories, and they'll be able to join you as Battle Buddies.

The new Rite of Channeling feature in Monster Hunter Stories 2
The Rite of Channeling will enable you to transfer genes between Monsties in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

In addition, we also got a look at two new major gameplay mechanics. First off, you'll be able to find monster eggs in Monster Dens scattered throughout the game's world. These eggs will hatch into new Monsties you can take into battle. Occasionally, rare Dens will appear with more elusive eggs in them, as well as hard-to-find monster genes for new moves. The new Rite of Channeling mechanic allows you to transfer genes between Monsties, giving them access to moves and stats they never had before. This allows you to customize your Monsties to a much higher degree than in the first game.

You can watch the whole Monster Hunter presentation for May right hereMonster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin launches on July 9th for Nintendo Switch. You can grab Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo's console right now, and the new title update for the game - which contains the aforementioned new monsters and story conclusion  - will be available starting from May 27th.

Are you looking forward to the new features in Stories 2? Which new Rise monster are you most excited about battling? Let us know in the comments below!

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