Everything is Free on Epic Games Store This Week

Published: September 26, 2019 2:30 PM /


everything free

It's time for everyone's favorite joke! This week both Everything and Metro 2033 Redux are free on the Epic Game Store, there's a sale on the Metro series, and we learned what next week's free game is.

This week's first free game is Everything. An indie hit, the game lets you control literally everything as they roll around in a rather hilarious non-animated way. Along the way you'll be listening to audio clips by famous philosopher Alan Watts, giving you something to think about as you try to find what weird creature you can take control of next. It's certainly a weird little experimental game.

The other free game you can grab this week is Metro 2033 Redux, a first person shooter based on the popular book series by author Dmitry Glukhovsky. It puts you in a post-apocalyptic future where Russia and USA have nuked each other, and all that survives of mankind is whoever managed to get in the Russian metro system. You'll have to shoot mutants, raiders, Nazis, and more in an effort to keep the metro safe from a new race of monsters.

If you happened to enjoy Metro 2033 Redux, then there's currently a Metro franchise sale going on in the Epic Games Store. You can pick up Metro: Last Light Redux for only $4.99, and the recently released Metro Exodus for $39.99.

You can grab Everything and Metro 2033 Redux until October 3rd, when the free game then switches over to Minit. A indie puzzle adventure game where you have a magic sword that kills you every minute, your goal is to try and get as far as possible in the world and set things up for your next run.

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Are you tired of the game Everything leading to the worst titles humanly possible? Are you interested in Metro 2033 Redux and its sequels? Are you going to grab Minit next week? Let us know in the comments below!