Everything Announced In The April 2021 Monster Hunter Digital Event

There are new monsters and quests on the way to Monster Hunter Rise, and we learned a bunch more about Monster Hunter Stories 2 as well

Published: April 27, 2021 10:44 AM /


Teostra, an Elder Dragon monster coming to Monster Hunter Rise in the new update

Earlier today, Capcom held a live stream event revealing more information about Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2Rise is getting new apex monsters, new Elder Dragons, and some fun new Event Quests, and we learned more about Stories 2's...well...story. Let's take a look!

What's coming in the first Monster Hunter Rise update?

We're getting three new monsters and two new Apex critters in Monster Hunter Rise. First up, two new Elder Dragons were announced to be coming to Monster Hunter Rise. The fiery lion-like Teostra and fierce gale-protected Kushala Daora will be arriving in tomorrow's Title Update, so you'll be able to take them on. Naturally, there will be new equipment based on these dragons to craft as well. Alongside those two Elder Dragons, we're also getting recurring monster Chameleos, as well as Apex versions of iconic monsters Diablos and Rathalos.

As well as the new monsters, there are a number of other features coming to Monster Hunter Rise in the new Title Update. Apex monsters can now be hunted in standard quests, so they're no longer limited to Rampage mode. You'll be able to unlock your Hunter Rank cap, allowing you to access new Event Quests which you can then download and play as many times as you like. There will also be new Advanced Rampage quests to take on, as well as new Arena quests and extra single-player only quests. Once you've unlocked your Hunter Rank, you can forge layered armor, so you can dress yourself up to the nines before you go out and get caked in monster blood.

The new Chameleos armor in Monster Hunter Rise
Naturally, all of the new Monster Hunter Rise monsters will come with new armor to craft.

Capcom also announced that it's currently working on the next major title update for Monster Hunter Rise. The first update, which contains all the features outlined above, lands tomorrow, and can be downloaded for free if you've got the game.

The next major update is slated for the end of May, and will contain a brand new story epilogue as well as several new monsters. Be sure to pencil that into your calendar, as we'll get more info from Capcom about it in the coming weeks.

There's also paid DLC on the way to Rise after the new update, and it'll add new gestures, more layered armor, and more stickers to the game, among other things. If you're a fashion-conscious hunter, you'll want to pay attention to that too, so be sure to check the eShop for more info as and when.

What did we learn about Monster Hunter Stories 2?

In addition to the big Monster Hunter Rise info drop, we also learned more about Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. Capcom confirmed that Lilia and Reverto will be returning from Monster Hunter Stories, and that they'll initially be allied with the Hunters chasing you and your Razewing Ratha. They're aiming to stop your Ratha from fulfilling the prophecy of destruction outlined in the titular Wings of Ruin, but they're also being chased by another group of Hunters, who have much less altruistic aims.

A combat scene in Monster Hunter Stories 2
Combat in Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be familiar, yet different to players of the original Stories.

We also got some more info about the battle system in Stories 2. It's essentially an expanded and improved version of the one found in the original Stories. You'll take part in turn-based battles against "Monsties", chibi-fied versions of iconic series monsters. There are three types of attack: Power, Speed, and Technical, and they form a weapon triangle. You'll need to pick the right kind of attack to defeat your enemy. You can also perform special attacks to stun your enemy or break part of their body to make it harder for them to retaliate, as well as fighting alongside Battle Buddies, who will bring their own Monsties to the party.

As you can see, it's an absolutely packed presentation with plenty to chew on for Monster Hunter aficionados. If you want to watch the whole presentation back, then you can do so right here. The first Monster Hunter Rise title update drops tomorrow, and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin arrives for Nintendo Switch on July 9th.

Are you looking forward to the new Monster Hunter Rise update? Will you be buying Monster Hunter Stories 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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