Everything Announced During Today's Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event

Monster Hunter Rise's Digital Event has aired revealing plenty of information about your next Monster Hunting outing

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A Wyvern Riding preview in Monster Hunter Rise

There's a major Monster Hunter Rise digital event going on right now, with Capcom promising reveals galore. Here's everything that the studio is revealing about the upcoming Nintendo Switch game as part of the event.

Monster Hunter Rise - New Trailer

First, Capcom revealed a new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise. The major new feature shown off in the trailer was Wyvern Riding, by which players can grab onto and steer a Wyvern monster. The trailer also showed a glimpse of some of the new locations and monsters featured in the game, including the new Training Dummy facility and some combat gameplay.

Monster Hunter Rise - New Monsters

As you might expect, there are plenty of new monsters coming to Monster Hunter Rise. Here's a quick preview of some of the monsters you can expect to encounter in Monster Hunter Rise.

The Goss Harag monster in Monster Hunter Rise

The Goss Harag is a large yeti-like monster that lives in snowy regions. It attacks using ice blades created by its own breath. Despite its size, it seems remarkably agile, so you'll need to be quick.

The Barioth monster in Monster Hunter Rise

Next up is the Wyvern monster Barioth, which uses spikes on its paws and tail to move around on icy surfaces. It also has huge fangs and can create whirlwind-style hazards you'll need to avoid.

The Khezu monster in Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom describes the Khezu as a "creepy monster that mainly lives in dark places like caves". It's capable of releasing electricity from its body to attack you, and has a long neck to reach you from afar.

The Great Baggi monster in Monster Hunter Rise

The Great Baggi has blue-white skin and a large crest atop its head. It uses a sleep-inducing status effect to capture its prey, so be sure to take some Sleep remedies with you when you fight it.

The Lagombi monster in Monster Hunter Rise

The Lagombi uses its belly to get around by gliding across snowy surfaces like a sled. You'll need to be quick if you want to dodge this monster's attacks. It can also roll up and throw giant snowballs. As for if it counts as a killer rabbit, we are unable to confirm or deny at this time.

The Tigrex monster in Monster Hunter Rise

The Tigrex is a flying Wyvern monster characterized by its extreme aggression, high speed, and heavy damage-dealing capabilities. Its claws and jaw are deadly at close range.

The Mizutsune monster in Monster Hunter Rise

Elsewhere in the game, you'll be able to do battle with the Leviathan Mizutsune, which can create bubbles by rubbing a fluid it secretes against its body hair. The bubbles will slow you down, so be sure not to run into them.

The Magnamalo flagship monster in Monster Hunter Rise

Finally, we got a new look at the flagship Magnamalo monster, which has an armored carapace. Magnamalo attacks hunters using its tail and a fire-like gas, as its indigestion issues become yours. As you might expect, it's also extremely quick and aggressive.

Monster Hunter Rise - Wyvern Riding

When you've met the unlock requirements, you'll be able to use your versatile Wirebug to trap and control Wyverns, riding them around the playfield like your own personal rodeo. You'll use Ironsilk to control wild monsters, battling other creatures with your controlled Wyvern. You'll need to deal damage through aerial or Silkbind Wirebug attacks to control the monsters. While you're controlling them, you can move around with them, attack other monsters, and even charge into walls.

Monster Hunter Rise - New Characters

Iori, the Buddy Handler in Monster Hunter Rise

We were introduced to lots of new characters in the trailer. Fugen is the village elder, wielding a longsword and protecting his village. We also met the Wyverian Twins Minoto and Hinoa, who serve as the Village Quest and Hub Quest mentors. Tea Shop owner Yomogi and Guild Master Hojo also got brief introductions, along with Iori the Buddy Handler and Utsushi the Hunter leader. We also met Meowcenaries leader Kogarashi and Rondine, a trader from a faraway land.

Monster Hunter Rise - New Facilities

A teaser for the Rampage in Monster Hunter Rise

Your base in Monster Hunter Rise will have a training facility, allowing you to try out new strategies against a training dummy. Capcom also announced a new feature called "the Rampage", which will involve gaining the aid of villagers to take on what looks like a horde of monsters. The studio says it will have more to share on Rampage in the future, so be sure to keep a lookout.

Monster Hunter Rise - Demo

The demo screen for Monster Hunter Rise

A playable demo for Monster Hunter Rise goes live today for Nintendo Switch. It'll be available until February 1st, so if you're interested in the game, be sure to check it out before it disappears. Director Yasunori Ichinose says the demo has 4 different quests: two tutorial missions, a beginner quest, and an intermediate challenge. The Great Izuchi and Mitzusune monsters are featured in the demo, alongside introductions to Monster Hunter Rise's mechanics and Wyvern Riding feature. All 14 weapon types will also be available for you to try out.

You can tackle the monster-hunting missions either solo or via local or online co-op. The demo takes place in the Shrine Ruins area, so you'll get to explore that locale while you play, too. It'll also introduce you to the new stat-boosting wildlife in Monster Hunter Rise, allowing you to get to grips with the new systems before you dive in this March. Naturally, you can take a Palamute and/or Palico Buddy with you, and you'll be able to learn how to use the Wirebug mechanic, too. Playing the demo will reward you with an Item Pack for the full game that contains health items and boons to help you out.

If you want to check out the demo, you'll need 1.6GB of free storage space on your Switch. Each player who wants to play with you in co-op - up to a maximum of four - must also download the demo, and they'll need Nintendo Accounts to do so. You can play the beginner and intermediate quests a total of 30 times, at which point all 4 quests in the demo won't be available anymore.  

Monster Hunter Rise launches for Nintendo Switch on March 26th this year.

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