Everything Announced At Today's Nintendo Indie World Showcase

Published: November 9, 2022 12:34 PM /


A banner for November's Nintendo Indie World showcase

Today saw another Nintendo Indie World showcase, with the presentation showing off plenty of indie titles coming to Nintendo Switch soon. As you'd imagine, it's a pretty packed itinerary for the Switch, so here's everything that was announced or shown off during that showcase.


Venba, one of the games at today's Nintendo Indie World Showcase

First up, we got a look at Venba, a cooking game about an immigrant Indian mother in Canada. The game aims to explore the relationship between immigrant parents and their children, and it'll have you cooking mouthwatering South Indian food in order to reconnect with your family. It's coming to Switch next spring.

Goodbye World

Next up, it's Goodbye World, a game about...well...making a game. Two struggling developers are trying to make a retro puzzle platformer, but the game is only partially about that; it's also about their relationship as they try to navigate their jobs, friendships, and more. It's launching later this month.

Have A Nice Death

Have A Nice Death, one of the games at today's Nintendo Indie World Showcase

If you're a fan of the macabre, you'll love Have A Nice Death. You play as Death, and it's up to you to work your way through a roguelite platformer, upgrading your weapons and putting together combos to "hack and slash your way through the corporate underworld". This one's coming to Switch on March 22nd.


Have you ever wanted to lie on top of a giant capybara and discover inner peace? Aka allows you to do just that. You are a retired warrior, and you've come to a beautiful island to enjoy your retirement. You won't find any conflict or shadows here, so you can hang out with animals and chill out at your leisure. It's launching next month, on December 15th.

Pepper Grinder

Pepper Grinder, one of the games at today's Nintendo Indie World Showcase

Name a more iconic pairing than Devolver Digital and pixel art sidescrollers. Pepper is a treasure hunter who must reclaim the treasure that was stolen from her, and to do so, she'll dig through the earth with her trusty drill, as well as solving tricky puzzles, riding giant mechs, and much more. You'll be able to dig into Pepper Grinder next year.

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly

Coffee Talk returns for a second episode. You are a barista, and you'll meet lots of quirky characters and discover their backstories as you serve them piping hot coffee. As you'd expect, there's a lo-fi chilhop soundtrack to enjoy, as well as the chance to create great latte art for your grateful customers. This one's coming in spring 2023.

Oni: Road to Be the Mightiest Oni

Oni: Road to be the Mightiest Oni, one of the games at today's Nintendo Indie World Showcase

We're getting serious Okami vibes from this one. Oni: Road to Be the Mightiest Oni sees you playing as a plucky little oni on a quest to become supreme and to do so, you'll control two characters using your Joy-Cons, exploring a small island and engaging in hectic action-adventure combat. You'll get to do this on March 9th.

Desta: The Memories Between

From Monument Valley's creators, here's a new ball game roguelite that looks a little like Pyre meets Transistor meets...well...Monument Valley. The combat in this one looks pretty innovative; you'll engage in turn-based ball game combat where you'll need to pull off tricky ricochet shots to make the most of your abilities. This one launches in early 2023.

A Space for the Unbound

A Space for the Unbound, one of the games at today's Nintendo Indie World Showcase

You might know this one from a controversy involving publisher PQube, but that's a shame, as the game itself looks pretty awesome too. Set in rural Indonesia, A Space for the Unbound is all about using your psychic powers to read the minds of those around you. It's coming on January 19th.


Intended to evoke memories of summer nostalgia, Dordogne is a painterly adventure that revolves around Mimi, who's visiting her grandmother's house. She used to spend her summers at the home, but now, she returns there as an adult to uncover lost family secrets. Originally revealed in 2020Dordogne launches on Switch in spring 2023.

Botany Manor

How good are you at botany? Well, you won't need to be a master to enjoy Botany Manor. You are in charge of taking care of a manor's gardens, and to do so, you must solve puzzles and catalog long-forgotten plants. Some plants will require more care than others! Botany Manor comes to Switch in 2023.

Once Upon A Jester

Once Upon a Jester, one of the games at today's Nintendo Indie World Showcase

Some slightly awkward voice acting aside, this Night In The Woods-esque adventure game revolves around an improvisational theater company putting on shows. You'll be able to act, sing, and dance alongside fun characters and take part in quirky adventures, but you're also trying to carry out a heist involving a valuable diamond. This rather unique mixture of genres hits Switch later today.

Rogue Legacy 2

Can heroes have chronic flatulence? What about being a vegan chef hero? Build up a castle, spawn countless heirs with various different traits, and adventure through an ever-changing series of lands in Rogue Legacy 2, which lands on Switch later today.


Blanc, one of the games at today's Nintendo Indie World Showcase

This one looks achingly adorable. Blanc revolves around a wolf cub and a fawn who must work together in order to navigate various obstacles, negotiate frosty terrain, and just generally be painfully cute. There's no dialogue in this one, so you can enjoy it whatever your background. It's coming on Valentine's Day next year.

Sizzle reel

Next up, it's a sizzle reel showing off some upcoming indies. We get a look at WrestleQuestWobbledogs Console Edition, and Storyteller, to start, all of which are coming in the next few months. World of Horror makes its way to Switch next summer, and Curse of the Sea Rats lands on Switch early next year. Daniel Mullins' creepy Inscryption is also coming to Switch on December 1st, so get ready for some scares.

A Little to the Left

A Little to the Left, one of the games at today's Nintendo Indie World Showcase

This indie puzzler revolving around puzzles in ordinary locations is cozy and satisfying, according to its creators. Spoons, papers, cat toys, and much more need to be sorted, so make sure you organize things the way they should be. Just be aware the cat will mess things up! Over 75 puzzles await you on Switch when this one launches later today for Switch.

Sports Story

With golf, tennis, and many more sports available in this sporting RPG, you're sure to attain athletic excellence. You'll also be able to explore the game world, chat with fun characters, and, uh, explore dungeons. Yep. It's a pretty weird one, but it's coming to Switch in December. Exciting!


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