Everything Announced at TinyBuild Connect

It's time to put the spotlight on some upcoming indie games with TinyBuild Connect, a new presentation detailing Tinybuild's titles for 2021-2022 including Hello Neighbor 2 and some serious competition for Five Nights at Freddy's.

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Everything Announced at TinyBuild Connect cover

It's time to put the spotlight on some upcoming indie games with TinyBuild Connect, a new presentation detailing Tinybuild's upcoming titles for 2021-2022 including Hello Neighbor 2 and more!

Tinybuild Connect is a new show from video game developer and publisher Tinybuild that was revealed just a few short days ago. There are quite a few cool announcements to go over, so let's get right to it!

Travel Back in Time with Tinykin

Tinykin is a new game from Splashteam, a group of developers with experience on the Rayman and Rabbids games. Set in the far future, an explorer named Milo has rediscovered Earth. Unfortunately, he runs into a little problem: he's traveled back in time to the 90's and he's about the size of a penny.

You'll be able to explore a (relatively) gigantic house filled with all sorts of strange creatures. This 3D puzzle platformer will feature Milo using the titular "Tinykin" creatures assisting him in moving throughout the house in a somewhat similar fashion to the Pikmin games, albeit with a fairly different art style.

When is the Tinykin Release Date?

The Tinykin release date will be sometime in the Summer of 2022; a more specific release date has not yet been announced. You'll be able to play it on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Hello Neighbor 2 is an Xbox Console Exclusive

One of the more surprising reveals of Tinybuild Connect was that Hello Neighbor 2 is going to be an Xbox exclusive. (That's not particularly surprising since it was announced at an Xbox event last year.) It's unclear if this is a timed exclusivity or if it will forever remain exclusive to Xbox on consoles.

Today's presentation also showed off some gameplay with a work-in-progress build. The player wanted to grab a crowbar from the garage, but the only key to this locked cabinet was on the titular neighbor. This proved to be a little more challenging than expected as you can see from the above video.

When is the Hello Neighbor 2 Release Date?

Sadly, TinyBuild has not yet confirmed the Hello Neighbor 2 release date. All we know for the moment is that it's coming to PC and Xbox sometime in 2021. For now, you can add it to your wishlist on Steam and learn more about this game on its official website; you can also play Alpha 1.5 on Steam.

The Bookwalker is a New Game from the Developers of The Final Station

The Final Station developer Do My Best has a new game on the way: The Bookwalker, a game where you play a thief with some very strange powers.

In The Bookwalker, you're blessed with the ability to dive into the worlds of books. There are tons of interesting treasures to be found, but you'll have to solve more than your fair share of puzzles along the way if you want to turn a profit. On the upside, you probably won't have a hard time finding a buyer for legendary items like Excalibur and Thor's Hammer.

When is The Bookwalker Release Date?

The Bookwalker release date has not yet been announced, but it's planned to launch on Steam sometime in 2022. If this game seems of interest to you, you can add it to your wishlist on Steam.

SpiderHeck is a Game Where Spiders Have Laser Swords and That's Awesome

Spiders are cool. Laser swords are cool. Therefore, a game with both spiders and laser swords would be doubly cool, and that's exactly what you'll get to play with in SpiderHeck.

SpiderHeck is a couch co-op brawler where you'll swing through hazard-filled levels as you try to beat your friends. You can crawl on walls and ceilings, but the real challenge will be using your spider webs to lock in a good angle of attack and strike before you're taken out by your opponents.

When is the SpiderHeck Release Date?

The SpiderHeck release date will be sometime in 2022. You won't have to wait too long to play this game, though -- a playable beta will be arriving on the game's Steam Store page today. You can learn more about the game on its developer's website.

Serve Customers or Die in Happy's Humble Burger Farm

Scythe is cooking up something to tide us over while we're waiting for the launch of Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach, finally bringing some competition to the "murderous fast food restaurant" genre with Happy's Humble Burger Farm.

Happy's Humble Burger Farm puts you through one of the most terrifying experiences known to man: working at a fast-food restaurant. You'll have to grill burgers, cook fries, and more (while also dealing with random events) in an effort to keep the customers happy. Just make sure you don't mess up -- Happy will get very upset if the customers aren't happy.

There's more to this game than the cooking aspect, mind. You'll also be able to explore the streets of New Elysian City in between your shifts at the restaurant. And if you only care about the cooking, you can also play an Endless Mode that will continually challenge you.

When is the Happy's Humble Burger Farm Release Date?

The Happy's Humble Burger Farm release date will be sometime in Q4 2021; that means it's expected to launch sometime between October 1-December 31, 2021. YOu can add it to your wishlist on Steam; don't forget to check out the game's website, too!

Trash Sailors Turns Trash into Treasure

If you're a fan of the trash-based city builder Flotsam, there's a new game on the way you might want to check out: Trash Sailors, a new game from Flucky Machine coming to PC and consoles this year.

Trash Sailors charges players with surviving a giant trash tsunami that has flooded the world. Your only option is to make a barge full of garbage to stay afloat. Unfortunately, the world is full of hazards, so you'll also have to load up your barge with all sorts of weapons to survive.

When is the Trash Sailors Release Date?

The Trash Sailors release date will be sometime in 2021, although we don't yet know an exact launch date just yet. On the upside, you can play it today with a brand-new demo launched on the game's Steam Store page! You can also swing by the game's official website to learn more about it.

Despot's Game

Our TinyBuild Connect coverage closes out with Despot's Game, a roguelite tactics game where you'll send legions of hapless humans to their deaths for the sake of your own amusement.

Despot's Game puts you in command of a bunch of humans who are trapped in a strange labyrinth. They'll have to fight all sorts of otherworldly horrors, but they won't be entirely unarmed; you can equip them with everything from laser guns to refrigerators to magical girl costumes and more. The endgame gets even more challenging -- once you survive the labyrinth, you'll be confronted with the team builds of other players who have also successfully completed their journey.

When is the Despot's Game Release Date?

The Despot's Game release date is October 14, 2021. It will be in Steam Early Access for around a year. For now, you can add Despot's Game to your wishlist on Steam.

That's it for our coverage of TinyBuild Connect! What was your favorite game of the bunch?

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