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Published: April 13, 2017 12:23 PM /


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PC exclusive Everspace, the gorgeous space game made by the devs behind the Galaxy on Fire franchise is gearing up to officially release their game to the Steam Store on May 26, ending the Early Access period its been in since late last year. In case this game has slipped under your radar, here's one of the trailers available for Everspace:


There are some fantastic space sims out there with super realistic physics and vast gameworlds to explore – but we wanted to take it to the next level. We believe that combining easy-to-pick-up gameplay, AAA-quality graphics and sound, and a captivating, non-linear story is something that many of you have been craving. - Everspace website
Despite borrowing heavily from sim games like Elite: Dangerous and Star CitizenEverspace's focus lies on ease of access rather than multitasking sub-menus. Everspace fuses rogue-like mechanics such as permadeath with that of a space shooter in a huge (completely singleplayer and offline) universe. You can collect parts to craft upgrades, take part in dogfights with NPC's and explore "huge procedurally generated levels". It's also developed with a "PC First" mentality, making use of the PC's more capable hardware. The game's controls have similarly been optimized for PC, with the familiar keyboard + mouse setup. Gamepad and joystick support will be coming at some point after the game's release.

You'll be set loose in this universe with the knowledge that you need to reach your goal and that you will die often as you try and try again to get where you need to go. Whenever you die, you'll be able to spend credits accrued over the duration of your previous run. These credits can be used to buy upgrades that will permanently stay with you, even after your current character dies. This will allow you to fight better, go further and will make your ship much less of a target to bandits looking for a quick score.

Those bandits are only one small part of the danger you'll encounter on your journey. You will also need to deal with scavengers, fight with frigates, organic life living in an asteroid field, and various forms of anomalies courtesy of mother nature.

The game features a robust crafting system that allows you to turn resources gathered while gallivanting among the stars into ship upgrades. Some of these upgrades are merely cosmetic, while others make your ship more powerful and combat-ready. You can learn how to craft new upgrades by acquiring the blueprints needed to unlock them.

Everspace will have a "deep story", which isn't something you usually get with rogue-likes.

We think the genre is just perfect to tell a captivating story in a fresh, non-linear way that unfolds differently every time you pick up the game. So we came up with an engaging plot that makes perfect sense for you to be re-born after every death and come back with a deeper knowledge of what is actually going on and, ultimately, solving the great puzzle.
Recently, the developers also released update 0.7 which included the addition of fully functional cockpit displays in your ship and a mysterious alien menace simply called 'The Ancients'. For a full list of changes in this (possibly last) patch before the game's official release, you can go here.

Are you looking forward to playing Everspace? If you already played it, what's it like? 

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