Everspace 2 Update Brings New Star System And More

Published: November 3, 2021 10:38 AM /


The player's ship flying past some bones in Everspace 2

A new Everspace 2 update has been released, and it's a big one. Titled Khait Nebula: Stranger Skies, the update brings the titular nebula with it, plus a new companion, a brand new faction, and lots more. Developer Rockfish Games has also dropped a preview for the upcoming Everspace 2 roadmap for 2022.

What's in the new Everspace 2 update?

Rockfish says the new Everspace 2 update and its accompanying star system were intended to take the game's promise of a handcrafted space RPG "to a whole new level". Naturally, you're getting brand new story content, which will introduce new companion Khala the Navigator. If you've been clamoring for Everspace 2 fast travel, you'll be pleased to hear that Khala can create nodes throughout the game's world to help you do just that. Although she's bound to rub some of your companions the wrong way, Khala should be a valuable addition to your Everspace 2 team.

Khala the Navigator, the new companion in the latest Everspace 2 update
Khala brings fast travel to Everspace 2, and if you unlock the Location Scanner perk, you can also get additional info about each location.

The new Everspace 2 update is also bringing lots of extra gameplay content with it. In the game's first update, Rockfish introduced the concept of Ancient puzzles, refining it further in August's Zharkov update. Now, the developer says it's introducing "entirely new mechanics" and more puzzle complexity, so if you loved the puzzles in the last two updates, you should get on well with these too. However, if you're more of a shoot-first type, Rockfish says most of the new puzzles will be optional, and the mandatory campaign puzzles are "not that hard". I and my idiot brain will be the judge of that, Rockfish.

You're also getting a brand new faction in The Redeemers, a group of corrupted scientists and like-minded types who began with the goal of studying the Ancients, but have become obsessed with their technology. The Redeemers are a hostile faction you'll have to contend with if you want to survive in the Khait Nebula, so you'll need to have your wits about you. Rockfish has also added a new player ship class in the Vindicator, which is a heavy fighter ship with surprisingly high mobility and a special ability that uses drones to deal out damage. It's well worth taking a look at the full Everspace 2 patch notes if you want to see everything that's new.

What else is coming as part of the Everspace 2 roadmap?

In addition to the brand new update, Rockfish also shared some information regarding the upcoming Everspace 2 roadmap for 2022. The developer says it hasn't "fleshed out all the details" for what's coming in 2022 just yet, but that there's a new update for the game planned for spring 2022. There won't be any story content in that update, as Rockfish says its campaign is about 70% complete with today's update. However, the next big update will contain a new star system, a possible endgame teaser, and a new Light Fighter ship. Rockfish is also adding some new language support, which should please gamers who've been asking for it since the dawn of Early Access.

A ship soaring through the Khait Nebula in the new Everspace 2 update
Everspace 2 is getting a brand new star system in the next major update, which is headed your way in spring 2022.

Everspace 2 launched into Early Access back in January this year, after being delayed to avoid clashing with Cyberpunk 2077. It's a large-scale space action RPG with handcrafted environments, companions to recruit, loot to grab, and lots more to discover. If you've yet to check it out, you can play it right now as part of an Xbox Game Pass subscription; it was added to Microsoft's gaming service last month. Alternately, you can pick it up via Steam or GOG, where it's currently available at a nice little 20% discount.

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