Eve Online Update Challenges Players To Rebuild Wartorn Galaxy

Published: October 14, 2020 10:00 AM /


The promotional art for the Eve Online update Phoenix

A major new Eve Online update is now live. The Phoenix update represents the final "quadrant" of four planned content updates for the game and adds a new ship ability, new in-game events, and additional challenges to tackle.

What does the Eve Online Phoenix update add?

Phoenix will task players with "carving new pathways" through Eve Online's systems, according to a CCP press release. Due to Triglavian interference and occupation, some systems in Eve Online will be "permanently inaccessible through conventional means", bringing changes to the game world. This change was foreshadowed earlier this week by stargate hazard warnings and strange flickering lights emitting from some stargates. These stargate flickers heralded massive disruptions to interstellar travel, a phenomenon that continues in Phoenix. 

Eve Online creative director Bergur Finnbogason says that Phoenix will pose the question of how pilots continue to shape their future after the devastation of the Triglavian invasion. Finnbogason describes the invasion as an event that has "devastated both star-systems and the lives of its citizens alike". He says the Quadrant update system has allowed CCP to create "more meaningful, impactful content" that challenges players and tasks them with getting to grips with an entirely new world. You can check out the trailer for the new Eve Online Phoenix quadrant update right here:

What else has been added in this Eve Online update?

There's plenty more to enjoy in the Eve Online Phoenix update beyond changes to the game world. Phoenix adds a new clone vat bay feature to Supercarrier-class vessels, allowing players to spawn new ships straight from a Supercarrier's bay if they're shot down. This will allow pilots to get back into the action more quickly. CCP says that as the Quadrant unfolds, both the Crimson Harvest and Yoiul Festival events will return, bringing new customization options and other content to check out. You'll also notice these events bringing more daily challenges with them.

Finally, Eve Online's Phoenix update also brings with it the continuation of the highly popular Abyssal Proving Grounds events. These events will bring new game modes, extra ship classes, and new leaderboards, allowing you to test your mettle in new and exciting ways. CCP says the Abyssal Proving Grounds will continue to provide "intense PvP combat" in the lawless and chaotic Abyssal Deadspace zone.

Eve Online's Phoenix update is live right now to download. You can play the game for free on PC.

Will you be heading into Eve Online to check out the new Phoenix update? Let us know in the comments below!

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