Eurogamer Forums Suddenly Shut Down

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Eurogamer Forums Suddenly Shut Down

September 15, 2021

By: Brian Renadette


A few days ago, the Eurogamer forums were shut down with little prior notice, a part of their website which had been running for over twenty years. The sudden death of a forum with so much history has been causing discussions about preserving such sources of information.

The news about the Eurogamer forums closing was primarily spread by Twitter user @richardtron, who announced on September 10th that "a thing happened today at 10 am." Rich pointed out that there was little mention of this on their social media accounts; just a single post one month ago on the English forum. Meanwhile, the other versions of the site for EU territories didn't get any forum warning, and an overzealous mod was deleting comments remarking on the impending closure that were posted on news articles. Regulars from the Eurogamer forums have set up their own forum known as Font Geek for those looking for a new forum to switch to, which is also being joined by folks from the soon-closing Rock Paper Shotgun forums.

The sudden, poorly-announced closure of the Eurogamer forums has gotten folks talking about the preservation of video game history. The official Twitter for Bad Game Hall of Fame says that it's easy to forget dedicated video game forums still exist. "Easier still to forget that they sometimes archive valuable information; between developers dropping in, technical insights, and generally measuring consumer reactions at moments in time." Fortunately, it seems that the Archive Team had managed to save most of the forums, so they'll be available at the Internet Archive.

The Eurogamer forums are gone, but Font Geek, the self-proclaimed Eurogamer exiles forum, can be found here.

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