Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.15 Patch Goes on Beta!

Published: December 7, 2014 3:08 PM /



For those of you who love going a-truckin', SCS Software has released its beta of the 1.15 patch on Steam. Deemed the "Holiday Update" by the game developer, this new patch introduces a number of improvements to the game.

Opting into the beta program on Steam will allow you to put your hands on the wheel before the patch is officially released. This obviously means that SCS has not worked out all of the kinks in the new version, so don't expect a perfectly clean experience. But I'm happy to announce that the predictions I have made in a previous report on the game's ongoing development have come to fruition, to the letter.

The new features in this new patch for Euro Truck Simulator 2 include:

  • A new interior for the DAF Euro 6 truck (named "Exclusive", much like Scania's luxury interior);
  • New sounds for Scania's V6 engines, as well as improved sound for the Iveco line of trucks;
  • Backlights on dashboard can now support different colors other than the default ones you've been stuck with since the beginning;
  • Showrooms have been re-vamped to look more pizzazz, with a new interior and a makeover for smaller truck dealers (heh, I used the word "pizzazz");
  • Performance when autosaving has been improved (i.e. the game will automatically save faster);
  • The interior camera handles motion differently now, accounting for the driver's body and the seat;
  • Cruise control will now also start using the retarder;
  • Trailers get their own brakes, as they do in real life;
  • If you're using an H-shifter to play, you will be able to configure a second reverse gear; and
  • The game now supports the "Holiday Special" content that SCS plans to release in the near future.

SCS Software has warned players to stick with the official build of the game, but if you're like me, you want to relish in the opportunity to try the public beta even if your PC will hate you for it and your house blows a fuse. Since no one can quell your curiosity, go ahead and read the mini tutorial at the bottom of my 1.14 public beta announcement. Keep on truckin'!

This article's image was provided courtesy of SCS Software.

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