Etrian Odyssey X Revealed, Will Be Final Etrian Odyssey Game on 3DS

Published: April 10, 2018 8:46 AM /


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Atlus recently announced the next installment of their well-loved dungeon crawler series, Etrian Odyssey X (Cross) for 3DS. Unfortunately, this reveal comes with the news that it will be the final Etrian Odyssey game on the handheld. It's interesting to note that while this is imagined as a crossover title, that when you count all the spinoff games, it's also the tenth Etrian Odyssey game. Despite the impending ending to a rather successful console and series match, Atlus is still gearing for what looks to be the most content-rich Etrian Odyssey yet. This announcement comes just a few months before the release, as Etrian Odyssey X will launch on August 2nd in Japan.

If you're new to the dungeon-crawling exploits of Etrian Odyssey, the series has prided itself on deep party customization, lengthy dungeons, and the ability to draw your own maps. Etrian Odysseywill be no different, blending together the best iterations of all its elements. Taking place in the world of "Remlia," the heroes gather in the flying city of Magnia. As with other Etrian Odyssey games, you can expect to adventure through mazes in colossal trees, underground caverns, and other locations that push the 3DS to its graphical limit. You might adventure through the dungeons in first-person, but you're still treated to gorgeous art for both your characters and enemies.

Etrian Odyssey X is imagined as a "complete crossover" of the entire series. Featuring 19 distinct character classes, 18 of those will come from previous games, with the new "Hero" tooled for X. It will incorporate the subclass system from Etrian Odyssey IV, instead of the mastery system from Etrian Odyssey VEtrian Odyssey X will also feature a new, harder difficulty, fittingly titled "Heroic." First edition copies will also come with a set of illustrations from a number of different artists.

With Etrian Odyssey coming to an end on 3DS, it's hard to predict where Atlus takes the series next. As mapmaking is such an integral part of the series, no other console or handheld features the precise control the stylus offered. With a Famitsu article coming this Thursday with potentially more details, we could know more about Etrian Odyssey X soon. In the meantime, brush up on your cartography skills for the release of Etrian Odyssey X, coming August 2nd in Japan.

Where do you think the Etrian Odyssey series will go next? Are you looking forward to the cross-over heavy Etrian Odyssey X? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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