Etrian Odyssey V Releases in Japan This August, Focuses on Customization and Series Roots [Updated]

Published: March 1, 2016 6:50 PM /



[Updated] - The article's title originally stated that the game would release in June. Fixed it to say August like in the rest of the article.

Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Old Legend (rough translation) now has its release set for this August in Japan - August 4th, to be exact - at an MSRP of 6480 yen and will be for the Nintendo 3DS. Atlus' goal for this title is to focus more on customization and to attempt to bring the overall balance of the game to a level a bit closer to the series' original entry, making it harder for players to create an impenetrable team as each class has a more specialized role.

On the customization front - there are 4 separate playable races this time, with each race having multiple classes that you can choose from. Right now there are 4 races and 10 classes announced. The game takes place in the new land of Arcadia where these 4 races all (seemingly) co-exist.

As for the more specific changes to character customization - players will supposedly be able to change much more about the portraits that they choose for their character, such as choosing different colors for their eyes along with "finely tuning" the coloring of your character. Additionally, players will be able to choose different voices for their party members - with a fairly massive selection of 22 different vocal options at their disposal. Of course, like in the most recent Etrian Odyssey Untold games - any voice options are completely optional, and players can choose whether or not to activate them.

To go along with these new vocal options, the development team is hoping to expand the feeling of playing a sort of tabletop RPG by throwing in more events throughout the dungeons to make exploring them feel more dynamic than before.

For more information regarding the announcement, Esuturu has posted a blog outlining all the new information here. Thanks to Gematsu,  who posted a translation of most of the information that can be found there. Additionally, the first real trailer for the title will be released on March 5th.

What are your thoughts regarding today's announcement? Is it a step forward for the series?

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