Escape A Horror Filled Spaceship in VR with Cosmophobia


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Escape A Horror Filled Spaceship in VR with Cosmophobia

June 16, 2020

By: Andrew Otton


During the Upload VR Showcase, a trailer for survival horror game Cosmophobia was shown off. In Cosmophobia, you must escape a dying spaceship full of all sorts of horrors.

Trapped on this dying spaceship, you'll have to explore every corridor and open every door to make your way back safely to Earth. Being a horror game, there's of course going to be a lot of challenges thrown your way, and developer White Door Games is focusing heavily on the atmosphere—something all good horror should spend a lot of time on.

Cosmophobia is a roguelite, so the layout of the ship is going to be different every time you play. There will be all kinds of hazards and items to find each time, and you'll never know what's behind the next door you come across.

You'll be collecting items and other materials to craft weapons and equipment. What you craft isn't solely for combat, as there will be some items you'll need just to make your way around the ship.


As for combat, you'll have a limited arsenal. Ammo is going to be hard to come by, so you have to make every count shot, whether that's with a crossbow or a trap you can lure enemies into. Thoughtful, cautious progress will be a good strategy for success.

Cosmophobia is still in development, though White Door Games is hoping for a release soon. 

Andrew Otton

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