Escape From Tarkov's Latest Patch Includes New Equipment, Items, and Voices

Escape From Tarkov's 0.12.10 patch includes lots of new equipment, items, and voices for scav bosses.

Published: March 30, 2021 10:58 AM /


Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov's patch notes for 0.12.10 will have new equipment such as new chest rigs, new clothing for USEC, BEAR, and Scavs, and many other fixes and changes. 

What's in the latest Escape from Tarkov patch?

For new things added this includes the new voices for Scav bosses such as Reshala, Sanitar, and Gluhar, new actions and conditions of Scavs and sounds for them, and lots of new equipment. The new equipment ranges from Chest rigs for Azimuth SS Zhuk Supat and Black, Tactical slings for Hazard4 Takedown, and perhaps most importantly a new army cap for several variations of colors and camouflage.

New items include emergency water rations, a hemostatic tourniquet CAT, and an AFAK personal first aid kit. There are new types of ammo like the 7.62x39 mm MAI AP, 5.56x45 mm SSA AP, and 5.56x45 mm Mk 318 Mod 0 (SOST). With these ammo types also comes new weapons such as the STM-9 pistol caliber carbine, the PL-15 pistol, and the UVSR Taiga-1 Special melee/tool.

Some changes have been made to the thermal imaging rendering system so that the loot is no longer highlighted, the new system will allow further dynamic temperature changes for heating and cooling, and optimizations for improved performance when using a thermal imager or thermal imaging sights. The rain sound is now 30% quieter so you can now hear yourself better when you sing Singin' in the Rain.

For optimization, there have been changes to the shader system that will eliminate some (but not all) of the freezes and micro freezes caused by the shaders at the beginning of the raid, during combat contact, and during visual effects. There are also changes made to the Mip Streaming setting that significantly optimizes the consumption of video memory for graphics cards with a lot of VRAM and RAM to provide a smoother experience. 

Last but not least, there's a known issue during "Awaiting session start" where sometimes players will load into the raid indefinitely. If this happens to you be sure to send the developer team a bug report, as they are working to resolve this issue.

For those who would like to view the full patch notes, be sure to go here. For all things Escape From Tarkov, be sure to escape to TechRaptor to get the latest news.

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