Escape from Tarkov Event Has Bosses, Labs, and More Going Crazy

Published: June 23, 2021 12:02 PM /


Escape from Tarkov

The world of Tarkov is a busy place with a lot of things going on in Escape from Tarkov right now as changes and events have been recently unveiled. Whether its bosses appearing in different areas, bitcoin changing values in game, or a new stim going around, there's plenty to keep you on your toes.

Escape From Tarkov Bosses Appearing on Other Maps

First beginning a few days ago, Escape From Tarkov's bosses all began spawning on reserve, alongside a new Prapor Quest to observe them all meeting and get out of there alive. If you aren't careful,  you can run into the bosses who you were not expecting to see.


Bosses Active Quest
Image cropped from first Reddit image here:

Escape from Tarkov Labs Free to Enter and New Stim

Following that came a Newspaper post, with a message hidden in the background, informing folks that there was a new stim and saying it was in the 'standard place', which would be the Labs. Shortly after, the same hidden message was then put on the game's official Twitter needing translating, which folks promptly got to. Hearthacker80008135 was the translator of record and it reads as follows:

Hello my friend. I know I haven't seen each other in person for a long time, but my research does not allow me to leave the office for an hour. Combat drugs are in great demand, especially regenerative injectors and other developments. I was able to make and test a new version of the cocktail, which can significantly speed up the metabolism in the body, allowing you to neutralize (unreadable text), significantly enhance the physical and mental abilities of the patient. However, there are also minor negative effects that are best discussed in person. The first batch of cocktail is already ready for transportation and is waiting for you in our standard place

This meant the new Stim had popped up. Said stim, titled Obdolbos, gives you a lot of power over a short time... but a 20% chance it kills you right away... or it will kill you in 15 minutes when it expires. Some users speculate that bosses and guards are using the stims, making them tougher to face.

Escape From Tarkov Bitcoin Changes and Market Trades

Tarkov's Mechanic character is saying that there is a new cryptocurrency coming out on the market called 'TarbankCoin', and it's harder to mine bitcoins now. His GPUs have been getting worn out (meaning its about time for him to sell those 3080s to gamers!) and he is offering new trades for GPU. The thread has gathered some of the trades - here is what is known now:
    1x = slick
    2x = zabralo
    3x = lucky scav junkbox
    3x = items case
    x1 = keytool
    25x = thicc items case
    8x = weapon case
    25x = T7 thermal googles
    1x = ledx
    5x = Labs Black keycard
    1x = Reap-IR


This is accompanied by time to mine 'bitcoin' having gone up significantly for users with Escape From Tarkov bitcoin farms in game.

Escape From Tarkov Sale

Battle State Games has announced that starting tomorrow Escape From Tarkov will be 20% off for purchasing any edition of the game. This will run June 24 21:01 GMT to June 26 20:59 GMT, and will be accompanied by the first merch store anniversary sale, with the same 20% discount. In that sale's case, you'll need to use promo code: anniversary to get the discount.

Is there an Escape From Tarkov wipe coming?

At this time, we don't know if there is an Escape From Tarkov wipe coming. There is a lot of speculation about it, especially with the labs opening, and bitcoin changes, but there is yet to be a formal announcement, as mods have made a point of telling folks. If or when there is a wipe, we'll update you.


What do you think of the goings on in Escape From Tarkov? Do these sorts of events interest you? Let us know in the comments below!



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