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Escape Dead Island this fall

Gaming article by Andrew Stretch on July 1, 2014 at 10:58 AM

On top of the news at this years E3 for the sequel to Dead Island now another game in the franchise has been announced called "Escape Dead Island". This game will be set after the events of the first game on the same island, the purpose of the game is, as the title suggests, to escape Dead Island.

Deep Silver teamed up with Swedish developers from Fatshark to bring another new entry into this rapidly growing franchise. Following the Documentarian Cliff Caylow you explore the island attempting to find the origin for this outbreak as he suffers from strange hallucinations. As you explore if you die along the way Cliff will wake up where the game began being the only person who remembers.


Deeps Silver has described the new third-person take on the franchise as a "Survival Mystery" where Cliff's "Story Loops" will drive the game while still leaving plenty of zombie killing in tact. It is an interesting new take on a franchise and Deep Silver will be hoping it is worth the shot.

Escape Dead Island will be hitting the shelves for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 this fall and will retail for $40. An added incentive to get Escape Dead Island is the inclusion of access to the Dead Island 2 Beta when it launches.


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