Epic Games Wins Appeal Against Apple in Australia

In the land down under it looks like Epic Games will be able to bring their case to court.

Published: July 12, 2021 11:30 AM /


Epic Games

After Apple was initially granted their stay, Epic Games has appealed and won, which means in Australia the case is moving onward and upward to a potential resolution. Ironically, this could potentially see the down under being the only place in the world to download Fortnite for iOS. 

Basically, it's apparently been established that Apple's argumentation that Epic should have their proceedings stayed on the "ground of forum no conveniens", due to the fact that they're American companies and... the lawsuit was taking place in Australia. The appeal judge rejected this argument:

“This is a case about the Australian App Store, the developers of apps for distribution in that store and the Australian users of iOS devices. It arises under Part IV (and ACL s 21). It is a case commenced in Australia in reliance on Australian competition law, involving Australian markets and consumers.”

Why is Epic Games Suing Apple?

Epic was kicked off both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store after "Epic introduced a direct payment system for the game which violated the terms and conditions of both storefronts." As this is both Google and Apple's bread and butter, having a big company and the world's biggest game try and to do this constituted a "aw hell no," reaction, leading to Epic suing Google and Apple with their Fortnite money. 

As this story is only the latest in the many lawsuits between Epic and Apple, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more updates.

Quick Take

This makes sense. Sure, Epic Games and Apple are American companies, but Epic is suing in Australia because they and their game Fortnite has been kicked off the iOS worldwide. It's not like there's a world government that can unilaterally make decisions for cases like this. Epic Games is following procedure by suing in each country they're affected in, and Apple made a really weak argument that was denied by the appeal judge. Good call.

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