Epic Games Store Update Reveals Delays On Features Following Strong Sales

Published: May 1, 2019 3:36 PM /


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Epic Games are starting the new month by turning over a new leaf. In the latest Epic Games Store update post, the developer-turned-storefront announced that April was their biggest month so far. First off, they announced some sales figures for Saber Interactive’s heart-pounding four-player cooperative third-person shooter World War Z, which has sold over 320,000 copies on the store, 250,000 in its first week.

Another successful title was the first-person open-world factory building simulation Satisfactory, which launched in Early Access about a month ago. According to Epic, this has been developer Coffee Stain's best PC launch yet, though initial projections of its popularity were slightly underestimated.

Two other titles also had the best PC launches in their respective franchises' history: Ubisoft's city building real-time strategy Anno 1800, and 4A Games' seminal first-person shooter Metro Exodus. As we reported, Anno 1800 was the fastest-selling Anno title. And according to Epic, Metro Exodus is "leading the way as the top-grossing Epic Games store title."

In the wake of all these strong sales, the storefront announced a delay in their development and features roadmap, one of most glaring issues with the storefront by the admission of both its enthusiasts and its detractors. What seems like a monumental task, building a full-on digital storefront for millions of users, is bound to have plenty of roadblocks. So Epic developers have shifted features for April to May and June. This is mainly due to the fact that they are focusing on supporting online features required for new game releases. In any case, future updates can be observed directly in the "Recently Shipped" section of their Trello Board.

Epic is also celebrating the benefits of its partnership with Humble Bundle, previously announced at GDC. You can now buy Metro Exodus and Dangerous Driving, and pre-order Borderlands 3 from the Humble Store, and more games are on the way.

The update ends with an optimistic and conciliatory note as Epic thanks its users and the developers and publishers they have worked with in their momentum of exclusive deals. With the final note, Epic announced they intend to build a "new ecosystem for PC gaming," which is a noble endeavor, though it has its share of controversy.

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