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Epic Games Store - Quantic Dream's Games Coming to PC

March 20, 2019

By: Robert Scarpinito


During a GDC presser today, Epic Games announced that the three most recent Quantic Dream games will make their way to PC. But there's a catch: They'll be exclusive to the Epic Store. The three games will be Heavy RainBeyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human.

Previously, all three games were exclusive to the PlayStation family of consoles, with the first two debuting on the PS3. Both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls received ports to the PS4, joining Detroit: Become Human.

This move makes sense, considering the news in January. NetEase, a huge internet company in China, made a hefty investment in Quantic Dream. Afterward, co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière said he wants to bring his company's games to more platforms. And it looks like the PC will be the first one outside of the PlayStation family.

These three games come from the mind of David Cage, who often melds narrative and gameplay to varying degrees of success. Often, he'll tackle concepts and topics that cause controversy. Nonetheless, his games tell longer-form narratives that straddle the line between video game and movie. The gameplay varies from scene to scene, but for a majority of the time, you'll be dealing with quick-time events.


Heavy Rain follows the story of Ethan, a father trying to save his kidnapped son. You'll play as three other characters as well, all of whom fit into the investigation in their own ways.

Beyond: Two Souls weaves the tale of Jodie, a girl who has a mental link to an out-of-body spirit. You'll jump into different events of her life in non-chronological order, putting the pieces of her story together. It's worth noting that this game tried using star power to its advantage, billing Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe as central characters.

Detroit: Become Human is the most recent title from Quantic Dream. It tells the story of an android uprising in the late 2030s. Players can see the story unfold from three different characters' perspectives.

The PC launch of these games has no release date although the presentation said soon, and you can expect them to be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for at least one year.

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