Epic Games Store Mod Support And Achievements Now In Beta

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Epic Games Store Mod Support And Achievements Now In Beta

July 31, 2020

By: Joseph Allen


Two new features are currently in beta over on the Epic Games Store. Mod support has been added, although currently only one game supports it. You may also start seeing achievements popping up for certain games.

How do Epic Games Store mods and achievements work?

This news comes via two tweets posted to the Epic Games Store Twitter account. In the first tweet, Epic says mod support "is now in beta" on the Store, starting with mech sim MechWarrior 5. Mods currently available for the game on the Epic Store include RTS conversion MechCommander Mercenaries, core mechanic overhaul MercTech, and the MW5 Mod Compatibility Pack. The latter hopes to create compatibility between disparate mods for the game.

Epic also says that "certain games" on the Epic Games Store will begin to display achievements as you unlock them. The game shown in Epic's demonstration on Twitter is Ark: Survival Evolved, but it's not clear which other games have achievement support just yet. Keep an eye out for achievement notifications popping up while you're playing games on the Epic Games Store.

It's worth noting that these are early iterations of both of these features, so expect some bugs or quirks. Epic says it will have more information to share about achievements in the near future and that you can expect to start seeing more games that support mods as time goes on. If you want to know more about features Epic has planned for its Store - including additional payment methods, overhauls to the Store's social systems, and game gifting - check out the official Trello board roadmap.


Have you noticed achievements popping up in the Epic Games Store? What games would you like to see mod support for? Let us know in the comments below!

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