Epic Games Store August Update Adds Improved Humble Integration, More Cloud Saves

Published: August 15, 2019 11:39 AM /



The Epic Games Store has finally started to get some of the features that many critics have said were missing from the storefront. Over the past month or so Epic has gone around adding cloud saves to a number of games, including Alan WakeDarksiders III and Hyperlight Drifter with many more games to be added over the coming weeks. According to the new blog post from Epic, they are working with developers to test cloud saves with their games to make sure that they don't break anything.

As well as the much-needed cloud saves, Epic also announced that they have enabled Humble Bundle keyless integration, meaning that you no longer need to copy and paste codes into the storefront when you buy Epic Store games through the bundle service. From today forward you can simply go into your Humble Bundle account settings, enable account integration and link your Epic Store and Humble accounts together. The new feature will make the process of buying Epic Store games through the Humble Store much more streamlined and convenient.


Another huge improvement coming to the Epic Games Store is a massive renovation to how product pages look. The new 'facelift' has made game descriptions more in-depth, giving customers even more information about the game they are buying, as well as making release dates and age ratings more visible. The new updates seem to finally be bringing the store into line with what Epic was hoping the store could be for its customers, and as more and more games get cloud saves the number of features missing from the store keeps shrinking.

You can follow Epic's plan for the Epic Games Store on Trello, although it is worth noting that it appears to be more aspirational in targets given many of them have failed to be reached in the timeframes listed.

What do you think of the updates to the Epic Games Store? Do these new updates give you more confidence in the retailer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.



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