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Published: March 6, 2020 8:32 PM /



The recent rise of the auto battler genre since early 2019 with the Dota Auto Chess mod created the market for a new genre. Later down the line, Riot Games joined in with their League of Legends-based Teamfight Tactics, and Valve reiterated the mod and officially released it as Dota Underlords. Epic Games decided to chime in to compete with the aforementioned studios' established MOBAs with their own, Paragon. Facing these giants, a little developer called OctoBox Interactive took the assets from Epic Games' MOBA Paragon to create their own take, Auto Chess: Heroes of Paragon which was expected to go live today. However, the studio's latest statement suggests we will wait a little longer.

With little love from Teamfight Tactics and Dota Underlords, developer OctoBox Interactive's Auto Chess: Heroes of Paragon was going to mark the Nintendo Switch's first auto battler title. The title uses the assets, characters, and universe of Epic Games' Paragon, which were free to access following the studio's decision in March 2018. Worth over $17,000,000 in skins, animations, dialogue, and models, developers had the utmost freedom to create whatever they want. The developer reassured fans Auto Chess: Heroes of Paragon is still happening, just at a later date, and clarified the delay was for reasons beyond their control.

Today was the day. The day when Paragon heroes were supposed to rejoin the battle in Auto Chess: Heroes of Paragon. But unfortunately, for the time being we’ve been forced to postpone the game’s Nintendo release for reasons beyond our control. More information later. We are currently working on resolving the issue as soon as possible and getting the things back on track.

Important: the game is NOT cancelled and its release WILL happen before much longer!

Make sure to check out Auto Chess: Heroes of Paragon's Nintendo Switch launch trailer below.

What is your favorite auto battler title? Do you think Auto Chess: Heroes of Paragon can introduce something new to the genre present titles lack?

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