Epic Founder Tim Sweeney Denies Epic Games Store Security Breaches

Epic Games Founder Tim Sweeney is reassuring people that there haven't been any Epic Games Store security breaches

Published: April 11, 2019 3:33 PM /


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The founder of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, has taken to Twitter to deny several claims that there has ever been a security breach on the Epic Games Store. The comments came during a conversation on the same twitter thread which was being used to discuss spyware claims late last week. Several Twitter users were discussing the safety of using the Epic Store as well as the fact that numerous account security breach e-mails had allegedly been sent out to users claiming people were trying to access their account.

One user going by @sonofjudgement claimed to have received more than 50 e-mails asking him to change his password because someone had tried to access his account, something he says he doesn't suffer with on other storefronts.

Sweeney leaped in to defend the store, claiming that no login data had ever been leaked for the Epic Store. Instead, he insisted that the login attempts came from a pre-existing database of leaked e-mail addresses and passwords used by hackers to attempt to access various accounts.

Despite his denial of the claims, many users remained skeptical of the Epic Store's safety.  In fact despite the flat refusal, as well as numerous articles, of the spyware claims there are several users out there who still believe that the Epic Store shares user data with Tencent, one of its largest investors. Once again Sweeney had to defend the company against these claims, saying that Tencent where only an investor and that the clause in their EULA which covered the right to share data didn't cover Tencent.

The thread continued with many users jumping in to voice their disbelief that the Chinese conglomerate didn't have access to user data, with claims that their seat on the board of directors would allow them access to user data as well as financial information for the company. Other users even accused Epic of having a terrible history of customer service and on top of that of straight up lying about Tencent having access to information in the first place.

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