Enemies in Vanquish Deal More Damage At Higher FPS

Published: May 28, 2017 10:19 AM /


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As much as gamers and developers alike want to see their games on PC in this day and age, the process of porting old titles and boosting the framerate can sometimes yield unexpected results. We've seen examples of this in the past in titles such as Need for Speed: Rivals and Dark Souls 2, and SEGA's recent PC port of Vanquish is no exception. The studio that did the port of Vanquish, Little Stone Software, was also responsible for the port of Valkyria Chronicles which had a similar bug on release. First seen on NeoGAF, enemy projectiles in the game scale with improved framerates. Play the game at its original 30FPS, and nothing changes. Play the game at 60FPS or 144FPS, and you'll take more damage with every shot.

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As you can see in the above images, main character Sam can take a lot more hits during the game's tutorial at the lower framerate. This issue has been reproduced by several parties at this point and occurs throughout the game, suggesting that some game systems were tied into the game's original framerate. While it did take a year, Dark Souls 2's similar problem was eventually patched, so it's more than likely that this version of the game isn't doomed to be difficult forever.

SEGA and Platinum have already been alerted to the issue and vow to look into it in a note added to the game's latest patch notes on Steam.




Quick Take

As much as I am a fan of getting every game possible onto PC, it's hidden issues like this that might make some developers wary. For over a decade, the focus of game makers was getting the most out of console hardware, and issues like this are a grim reminder of just how hard it is to preserve gaming experiences over time. In addition to that, the costs of maintaining and upgrading a game so it stays consistent on the thousands of different PC variations out there could be too much for some studios. Hopefully, with consoles that have higher standards for performance coming out at a regular pace, issues such as this will be a thing of the past before too long.

Did you buy Vanquish on Steam? Have you been noticing an increased difficulty? What other games do you want SEGA to try to port over? Let us know in the comments!




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