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Endnight Games Announces Sons of the Forest Delay

October 28, 2021 11:45 AM

By: Patrick Perrault


As you may expect for a game that pretty much started the open-world survival crafting genre, The Forest has been a pretty massive success. Ever since The Forest was released off of Steam's Early Access program after four years in April 2018, it's sold over 5 million copies as of November 2018. That's incredibly impressive, and its success made a sequel a near certainty.

That sequel, Sons of the Forest, was announced all the way back in 2019, with a release date of 2021 announced a year later. It's more of what people wanted, which was a dark, open-world survival crafting title with new enemies and interesting places to explore. The most recent trailer gave off a lot of tantalizing hints on what players can expect, so you should definitely check it out if you're interested.




With 2021 almost over and there being no news for nearly a year, it makes sense that there's a Sons of the Forest delay. The delay could've possibly been due to COVID, which has struck the industry very hard over the past year and a half, but we don't know for sure.

Why's there a Sons of the Forest delay?

Basically, what we do know is that there's a Sons of the Forest delay because Endnight Games need more time in the oven. In an announcement tweet, they stated that while they wanted to get the game out this year, they need more time and have pushed the release date to early to mid 2022. 


Sons of the Forest Delay.
The full Sons of the Forest delay announcement.

On the bright side, they also announced a trailer, which is some good news at least. Due to the sales numbers and the healthy amount of regular players, one can easily imagine a rather large fanbase waiting in the wings to descend upon Sons of the Forest. While the open-world survival crafting genre itself is a little played out at this point, it's not as if we should count out Endnight Games just yet. They pretty much invented the genre, so why shouldn't they get their chance to see if they can struck gold twice, eh? We'll have to see.

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